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Michael-Jamal – “TagTeam: LowKey” (Exclusive)

by Miracle
“TagTeam: LowKey” (Stream Here)

Michael-Jamal aka Mr. RealRnB enjoyed his debut on the site so much that he blessed us with a very special opportunity. He’s been prepping his supporters for the release of his upcoming album, MJ³:UnFiltered. He decided to give the people one last single release before the project drops and tapped The Illixer to assist. So as an exclusive treat, let’s dive into “TagTeam: LowKey.”

This single is mixed and mastered by Colt45 of Skylit Music (Sacramento, CA). The production here is spotless. The easy going base, complimentary musical details, nonchalant tempo, and fetching vibe blend nicely together. The hook is a treat. The vocals are of a first-class quality and the lyrics cut straight to the chase. MIchael-Jamal is man on a mission: “Low-key I ain’t trying to be yo man. Low-key my main b–ch trying to eat that thang. It ain’t no fun if she can’t taste. We do this as a team baby.” He said what he said (lol). The verses are lively. There is a guest appearance from P~Air Smooth. He has a novel flow, spicy wordplay, and explicit rhymes. Plot twist: He is also Michael-Jamal’s alter ego (yup -blew my mind too, lol.). Michael-Jamal as himself gives us quick soulful melodies and blunt lyrics. He makes a very alluring proposition as he continues the hunt for a third beauty to join him and his Mrs. Overall, this is another inventive showing from Michael-Jamal.

**My Two Cents: So many layers to unpack here. First of all, can we give it up for that single artwork?! I love it! It’s vibrant, it’s flirty, like I’d hang it up on my wall (lbvs). Then we got introduced to P~Air Smooth. This is how you do an alter ego. The flow is different and the wordplay embodies the theme of the song perfectly. The swag will have the ladies sliding to that room for sure (lol). To find out that it’s all Michael-Jamal, just wow. The brother is definitely clever. And once again I like the rarity as well as the unapologetic nature of the concept. The Poly Community is being very well represented by Mr. RealRnB. I had fun with this exclusive. Make sure y’all keep those eyes & ears peeled for that MJ³:UnFiltered album. -MinM

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