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Kaso – Back To The Future: Lost In Time (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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Back To The Future: Lost In Time (listen/download)

Kaso is an up-and-coming artist putting on for the state of Connecticut. He is a bit of a free spirit who is super passionate about his art. Towards the end of last month he sent over his latest mixtape, Back To The Future: Lost In Time. It’s a 16 track collective with a nice assortment of producers. Continue reading below to find out what parts of Kaso’s advanced journey through sound and time stood out to the site.

“Blunt Ride”

The production here is fresh. It contains a sample of “Knocking Doors Down” by the late Pimp C. The buoyant foundation, hushed secondary components, easygoing rhythm, and down to earth vibe work favorably together. The hook is legit too. It’s basically more of a twist on the sample. The verses are ace. Kaso enlists a casual flow, sleek wordplay, and reputable rhymes. He sets a very laid back tone for the beginning of the tape. A few lines worth retaining are: “Knocking doors down. Smoked about a pound. Foot up on the pedal as the tires spin around. From a couple blocks away you can hear the sounds from this bass. Got this mothaf–ka jumping up and down as I swang through the lanes. Me and Mary Jane going round and round. We escape just riding away. Somewhere out of town. Eyes all low but speakers up loud. Cooling while I’m cruising under 20 miles an hour.” The detailed expression in those bars creates very smooth imagery. Overall, this track is a banger and a winning way to start the project.


The production here is great. It is comprised of: a low level bass, brooding background elements, a deliberate pace, and a haunting vibe. The hook is enticing as well. The delivery has a chilling melodic tone to it and the lyrics are gripping. The verses are A-1. Kaso exhibits an unique flow, skillful wordplay, and top notch rhymes. He does a thorough job of elaborating on his need to be cut off from the world every once in a while. Check it as he spits: “I see the faces keep changing. First they love ya then they hate ya. Some people say it’s just part of the human nature. Trying to shield myself from it like it’s contagious. That’s why I’m isolated from time to time. Some say that I am out my mind. And I’d agree. I’m just being me. No, I won’t compromise and be who you want me to be. I can see the lies in the lines that I read between. Like a bird up in the sky, I just wanna be free.” The depth of those bars is quite impressive. All in all, this is a four star offering as well as a site favorite.

“Favorite Girl”

The production here is of blue ribbon status. The grounded infrastructure, lightweight musical ingredients, fluent tempo, and classic vibe mesh gracefully together. The hook is solid. The delivery is coherent and the lyrics are self-explanatory. The verses are gratifying. Kaso brandishes a clean quiet flow, genuine wordplay, and fetching rhymes. He pays a tribute to a special woman in his life in a very admirable fashion. A handful of lines to be aware of include: “You my favorite girl. Only one I need. Pick anywhere you wanna go. When you ready, we can leave. Cruising these streets just you and me, like how it’s supposed to be. Just like a dream. And if it is I wanna stay asleep. Fast lane, gotta go. She tell me keep up the speed. But can you please make something so I know that you thinking of me. Hit that request line. She keep it on repeat. If life was just a orchestra, you’d be my favorite melody.” Tastefully verbalized bars right there. In the end, this single is a smash and another favorite.

**My Two Cents: Kaso has some serious talent. Back To The Future: Lost In Time is a fantastic mixtape. His style is magnetic and his rhymes are of a professional grade. The production was very pleasing too. The beats were diverse as well as perfectly tailored to fit whatever Kaso was bringing to the table. As a whole, I’d give the tape a 4.5/5. Readers definitely need to set aside some time to give it a spin. And if readers are feeling Kaso as much as I am, they can hit him up on Twitter and show him some love. -MinM

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