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Dre C – Free Your Mind (EP Review)

by Miracle

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Free Your Mind (iTunes)

Readers meet Dre C. Dre C is an artist doing his thing from Portland. Earlier this month he dropped a brand new EP titled, Free Your Mind. It’s produced by ReignState and boasts guest appearances by artists from all over the map. The seven track album is described as catering to all tastes due to it’s variety of content. Additionally, it is said to be the mark of a new sound for the Portland music scene. Find out what said new sound is all about below.

“All I Know”

The production here is commendable. It incorporates: a heavy bass, tense musical components, a lethargic tempo, and a serious vibe. The hook is decent too. The delivery is conventional and the lyrics have a resolute tone to them. The verses are proper. Dre C dishes out a likeable flow, customary wordplay, and sufficient rhymes. He conveys a strong never give up type of attitude as it pertains to achieving success. Some notable lines include: “The time is ticking. So I’m always working. That’s cause I want a Maybach and that’s with the curtains. Putting on for my city. I know that for certain. But still these n—as taking shots like I’m in Big’s Suburban. (…) It’s real concerning. You should worry less about me and more about yo earnings. That’s real talk. Where I’m from n—as quick to let the steel talk.” Those are a gritty set of bars right there. Overall, this record is deserving of a spin or two.

“Follow My Plan”

This is the very last selection on the EP. The production here is fair. The durable foundation, finespun instrumentation, mellow gait, and complacent vibe blend agreeably together. There is no hook employed on this track. But there is a pleasant piano break that fits in just as well. The verses are apt. Dre C renders a conservative flow, personalized wordplay, and pensive rhymes. He opens up to the listener with an array of intimate thoughts as it pertains to a few different subject matters. He shares: “Real n—a to the death you see. I give this music my all and y’all can have what’s left of me. ReignState on the beat and it be bringing out the best in me. For now, I just hope you don’t think less of me. Because I’m starting to understand that it’s easy to be a coward and harder to be a man. It’s easier to back down, more so fight for where you stand. Easy to lose yo focus. But I just follow my plan.” One has to appreciate the profound and honest nature of the words in those bars. All in all, this was a genuine effort and an official way to close out the EP.

**My Two Cents: Dre C has a very chill way about him. His style is enjoyable and his bars are prime. He could be a little more inventive every now and then but he definitely has a good thing going on. Free Your Mind is a worthwhile EP. The selections are indeed different enough to appeal to all types and the production was up to par. In it’s entirety, I’d say it makes for a pretty noble collective. Readers are encouraged to judge for themselves though by previewing the project on iTunes. -MinM

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