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Kal’L F/ Kiza Sosay – “Fly Away”

by Miracle

(Photo By Kal’L)


The last few posts featuring our favorite R&B singer Kal’L have included hints of an EP dropping very soon. Well about a week ago, Kal’L finally shared the first official single off of the upcoming project. It’s dubbed “Fly Away” and contains a guest appearance by rapper Kiza Sosay.

The production here is trendy. The musical elements are very polished, the rhythm is not too slow or too fast but just right, and the vibe is mature. The hook is pretty. The vocals are clean and a real treat for the ears. The lyrics are romantic. The verses are ace. Sosay contributes the first and last verses, while Kal provides his in-put in the middle. Sosay has a smooth flow and quality rhymes. And Kal flaunts soothing vocals and endearing lyrics. The two really mesh well together as they present an enticing getaway that would appeal to any woman that is / feels overworked and under-appreciated. Memorable lines from Kal’L include: “Since the day I met you, all you do is work. Your love life is a wreck. And it’s only getting worse. Now I wanna be the man to set you free. Show you there’s more to your life then you working all week.” Rich words within those lines right there. Overall, this is a hit track and a great way to get people hype for the EP.

**My Two Cents: This is my favorite Kal’L collaboration so far. He and Sosay were on the same page and the result was superb. Nothing worse than when a rapper jumps on a track with a singer and spits something that doesn’t even come close to fitting the theme or purpose of the song. Love & Loss drops next month. So be on the lookout. Also, it’s almost time for a new campaign release. Hit up Kal’s website to catch up on any music you might have missed and to peep his new bio. And like his page on Facebook for quotes, news, and other fun stuff. -MinM

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