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Kal’L – “Easier To Lie”

by Miracle

(Photo By Kal’L)


Yup it’s that time again. Kal’L released a new track for his campaign this past week titled “Easier To Lie.” It’s a more solemn side to the R&B singer but it was inspired from a past life of relationship troubles. He states: “When you’ve tried, time and time again, to tell the truth … When you’ve failed enough times at trying to get your thoughts and feelings heard … When you find yourself becoming a whole nother person with the one you love because they won’t accept the REAL you … It becomes #EasierToLie!” This one is said to be especially for those who have had their hearts broken a time or two.

The production here is dignified. The light elements with the subtle knock in the background create a mellow almost sad vibe. The hook is excellent. The vocals are even and gentle. The lyrics are brutally frank. The verses are enlightening. Kal’L contributes earnest vocals and detailed emotional lyrics. He does a great job of breaking down the issues going on within the failing relationship. Some lines that made an impression are: “So many times I tried to sit you down. So we can talk about things you do. But talking always turned to screams and shouts. You’d flip my words around and make it bout you.” Perfectly reflects the theme and inspiration for the song. All in all, this was a truthful and touching record. Kal dug down deep to speak on a common situation in a very authentic manner.

**My Two Cents: I liked this track instantly. The production is just a joy to the ears and Kal did his thing as usual. There is plenty more where that came from too. As well as upcoming shows, an EP, collaboration MONTH, and whatever else Kal’L can manage to fit into the rest of the year (lol). Get event details, new music, breaking news, etc; by liking his Facebook Page or visiting/bookmarking his website. -MinM

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