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Joella – “Break The Rules”

by Pooh Bailey

Do not call it a comeback. I was first introduced to Joella Deville, years ago by producer TRBL. She had a style that made me miss Kelis and The Fame era Lady Gaga. But that was then. Now, going by just Joella, the soulstress is reintroducing herself. “Break the Rules” is the musical equivalent of getting reacquainted with an old friend. After opening up for Ty Dolla $ign, Jeremih, and Sevyn Streeter, Joella has decided to shed her cocoon and let her wings breath. Tired of the love clichés and the constant pain, Miss Joella is ready to give the rules a big F.U.

“Break The Rules” is very sultry. Joella’s voice is like silk. I have heard her previous work and thought I had an idea. No. This track is what I would expect Babyface would give to Toni Braxton. A grown-up vibe. A wine session in your living room vibe. This song will definitely be featured in someone’s movie/television show. Maybe it’s the way that Joella’s voice draws you in and never lets you go, that you begin to see your own relationships play out in your head. “Break The Rules” is truly Crown Royal on ice. Self-care with no f***s given. Just how I like my music. –Pooh Bailey

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