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J’Demul – “Heaven Sent” (Video)

by Miracle

artworks-000062760875-90r55s-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

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St. Louis artist J’Demul was brought to readers’ attention last October via his single “Neighborhood Hoe.” Since that time he has dropped a full length mixtape entitled June. The offering consists of 16 tracks and a bonus item. It serves as a dedication to his uncle and is comprised of an assortment of stories pertaining to J’Demul’s: childhood, friends, and family. It can be listened to above and downloaded by heading over to Sound Cloud. In addition to the tape, J’Demul released a new set of visuals. The visuals are for his song “Heaven Sent” which is track number 11 on the project. Check it out below.

The single itself is a down to earth number set to a super suave production. The hook is decent too. The delivery is orderly and the lyrics are straight to the point. The content is intriguing. J’Demul serves up a complimentary flow with reputable rhymes as he explores the topics of: God, women, his status in the music game, and more. All in all, it’s a pretty legit record.

The video was directed by Louis Quatorze. The concept for the vision is fairly easy to discern. It depicts J’Demul as he ventures throughout the city at night. He takes a cruise in the back seat of a vehicle, kicks it in abandoned spots here and there, rides an escalator, and so forth. There are also snazzy silhouette style scenes that are placed in between all of the leisurely occurrences.  J’Demul gives a charming performance as well. His enthusiastic yet breezy mannerisms and gestures really help to bring his words to life. The piece concludes with a glimpse of J’Demul slowly descending backwards down an escalator while rocking a devilish looking mask. As a whole, it’s a fetching endeavor.

**My Two Cents: I actually really enjoyed this song/video. The laid back nature of everything was very appealing. The content of the song was interesting and the video had some fly moments too. My favorite being the escalator scene. I would think it’s hard to keep composed while riding the moving stairs, especially the wrong way. But J’Demul was extra chill with it. I suggest readers go ahead and take a peek. If  you like what you see, be sure to press play on the mixtape. There is plenty more where that came from. Shout out to the team over at Stereo Assault for sending this one over. -MinM

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