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Jay Regal – In My 87 Rarri (Beat Tape Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By Dat Piff)

In My 87 Rarri (listen/download)

Milwaukee rapper/producer Jay Regal has been working hard this year to provide some of the who’s who in the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene with dope beats. So it was a treat to see that he recently took some time for himself and gifted the game with a project of his own. Said project happens to be a brand new beat tape. This one is titled In My 87 Rarri and consists of 17 tracks. It’s been 9 months since the last tape. Does Regal still have it? Click the break to find out.

Following tradition, the opening sound on the tape is the title track. It is a suave mellow number with subtle secondary components. The quality is top notch and it is an inviting way to ease people into the project. Moving forward, the tape continues to take the listener on a subdued journey serenading the ears with tunes that are conservative yet leave a bold impression. A few of the early highlights include the street style track “Reflecting” and the R&B influenced “Love Fees.”

The middle of the tape incorporates some interesting samples. Everything from movie clips to old school songs are utilized. There is one track that is especially memorable though. It’s titled “Nite Riderrs” and entails the theme music from the popular 80’s television show, Knight Rider. It transitions from the fast paced opener to a creeping principle. The transition is done very flawlessly and sounds great. The heavy foundation, fierce background elements, and dark vibe would make for sick production to the rhymes of the right emcee. Overall, it is a hot beat and the favorite off of the tape. The project concludes with a couple of mid-tempo pieces. The beats contain a good energy and as a result would be ideal for anthems of some sort. They provide a pleasant end to the musical journey. As a whole, In My 87 Rarri is another treasure. Nice to hear that Regal hasn’t missed a step. Hit up Dat Piff and take the beat tape for a spin. It will not disappoint.

**My Two Cents: In My 87 Rarri made a favorable impression on me. I feel like Regal had more artist friendly beats on this one and it wasn’t so much just something to listen to. Fans of his work will appreciate the offering without a doubt. Anyone looking for a solid producer or looking to give props on the tape, can find Regal on Twitter. -MinM

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