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Trey Day – The Good Die Young (EP Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By Dat Piff)

The Good Die Young (listen/download)

Trey Day is an entrepreneurial spirit from here in Milwaukee, WI. He dons a wide scope of hats from rapper to CEO. He has been submerged in music since an early age, so much so that he even managed to promote and sell his music during his time in Iraq. What sets him apart from the pack is his extensive education. He spent some time studying at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in Arizona and then turned around and interned at Pressure Point Studios in Chicago. After going through the inevitable ups and downs that come with being in the music business, Trey settled back home in Milwaukee. Since that time he became more focused on his career as an artist and on further developing his company. The company is Low-Key Enterprises. Low-Key Enterprises is not just a label but also offers: studio time, production, duplication, and print services. His ultimate plan is to push the boundaries of Hip-Hop while serving as a shining example to the next generation of artists. At present, he is pushing his latest EP dubbed, The Good Die Young. Get a sample of what the project has in store after the break.

“Hurricane Flow”

The production here is good. It consists of a clean low bass, heavy background components, and a hood vibe. The hook is fair. The delivery is appealing with just a hint of melody to it and the lyrics are fine. The verses are of high quality. Trey displays a cultivated flow, slick wordplay, and impressive rhymes. He does a commendable job of establishing his personality while also demonstrating his flair for spitting. He states: “You could never rub me out or rub me in the wrong way. Look up to Dr. King but f–k with Malcolm for his gun play. Make ya meet ya maker. Best listen to what His son say. Turn the other cheek. Cause y’all n—as can’t compete. Ah!” Those are some slick lines right there. Overall, this song is a hit.

“Do It Now”

The production here is upstanding. It is made up of a sturdy foundation, light secondary elements, and a club vibe. The hook is up to par. The delivery is engaging and the lyrics are standard. The verses are solid. Trey dishes up a signature flow, blunt wordplay, and gratifying rhymes. He lays it all on the table while trying to seduce a special lady that has caught his attention. A few standout lines include: “Do ya thang. I ain’t mad at you. Nobody here as bad as you. Thinking of getting bad with you. You thinking of taking advantage too. Could see it in ya eyes. Could feel it in ya thighs. (…) Is that sweat or is you wet?” Very mature sentiments being put forth through those words. In the end, this song is worth a few spins. Especially amongst the grown and sexy crowd.


The production here takes on a different tone than the previous tracks. The subtle musical ingredients and slow tempo create a mellow vibe. The hook is adequate. The delivery is polished and the lyrics are straight forward. The verses are well put together. Trey presents a rich flow and purposeful rhymes. He thoughtfully speaks on his determination to make it despite the various obstacles that life may throw at him. Take note as he spits: “Put my n—as on the roster. Say f–k the coppers. And anybody else who try to stop us. Lock my body but can’t box my mind. Man they can take away the gears but can’t stop my grind. And I done did this s–t for years. It’s about that time. “ That is a strong showing of ingenuity. All in all, this is a triumphant number.

**My Two Cents: Trey Day is definitely a proficient artist. He has his own custom style and sound. Plus, his way with words is prime. The Good Die Young is a well rounded EP. The content is nicely mixed and the production is first-string. Fans of street / gangsta style Hip-Hop will dig the project for sure. But the best way to decide about the offering is to check it out on Dat Piff in it’s entirety. So hit up that provided link. And be sure to check out the video for the EP”s lead single “Sunny Dayz,” as well. -MinM

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