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Emmitt James – “Smile” (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Twitter)

Are You Listening Yet? (listen/download)

Emmitt James has finally hit his fans with the highly anticipated visuals to his single, “Smile.” The song can be found on his Are You Listening Yet? mixtape. The track was not only a hit with the people but it was a favorite here on the site as well. It should be noted that this will be the last release of any kind related to the tape as the campaign for the project is now over. With that said, let’s dig in.


The video was a collaborative creation between James and his significant other, Maira Avila. She wrote the treatment for the video and served as the director. Which is a really cool fact for a number of reasons. As it relates to the song, it adds an ironic element to things given that one of the themes of the single is dysfunctional relationships. The color scheme for the flick is completely black & white. It takes place amid a plain backdrop. James does his thing in between shots of a graceful Contemporary style dancer and a silent representation of the female from the song. These three scenes are pretty much the basis for the video. The piece ends with the distressed subject eventually breaking out in to a beautiful healthy smile. All in all, this was an amazing set of visuals.

**My Two Cents: This video is the epitome of the saying “less is more.” The execution is not very complicated at all but at the same time it speaks volumes. The song was perfectly visualized thru the flick, making it a shining example of what a true music video is supposed to accomplish. Hats off to everyone involved. For more with Emmitt James, stay tuned to the site. The new campaign for his upcoming EP has begun and the first single off of the project will be featured soon. -MinM

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