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Jacob Latimore – “Alone” (Video)

by Miracle

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This Is Me (listen/download)

Jacob Latimore is a young R&B talent on the fast track to superstardom. Latimore is originally from Milwaukee but is now based out of Atlanta where he is doing big things. He toyed around with singing & dancing at a young age and in 2005 decided that he wanted to seriously pursue a career in music. He went through the usual motions of playing local events, festivals, schools etc; but it would be his first recording “Best Friend” that placed him on the path to greatness. The song built up his buzz in the city and eventually caught the attention of Radio Disney. After touring and such with the notorious franchise, Jacob’s team decided it was time for him to relocate in order to fully capitalize on his success. So they made their way to the ATL in 2007, set up a showcase for Jacob, and invited the elite names of the R&B music scene. Jacob ended up with a second recording called “Superstar” written by the infamous Rico Love. This recording landed Jacob a spot on the Billboard R&B and Hip-Hop Sales Charts. Which is impressive because there was no major machine or promotion behind it.

In 2010, all of Jacob’s hard work and popularity finally paid off. He secured a deal with Jive/RCA Records and came under the official management of Larry Rudolph and Jeremy Geffen. Since that time he has scored a few additional singles under his belt and has gotten the opportunity to work with other young stars like rapper, Diggy Simmons. In addition to music, Jacob has quite the fondness for acting as well. He has exercised his acting chops in several commercials, episodic features, and voice-over spots. He landed his first ever leading role in a film titled Vanishing On 7th Street, which came out in 2011. So he is on a very impressive roll. Currently he is pushing his debut mixtape, This Is Me. The tape has been a huge success and brokered a fan favorite single called, “Alone.” A couple of days ago, Jacob and his camp decided to treat his fans to a video for the cut. Peep it below.

The song itself is a slow tempo number with a grieving tone to it. The content tells the story of Jacob suffering from the loss of his significant other due to his mistakes. It’s a tender likeable track that depicts a situation that many people have had to endure. So it’s not hard to see why Jacob’s fans are so smitten by it. The video brings the song to life via playing on the theme of loss. The opening portion shows Jacob having a conversation with his boys. They want him to kick it with them for the evening but he has already made plans with his lady. They pick at him until he agrees to the boys’ night out. He calls and reschedules his date with his girlfriend. Disappointed, she decides to go out with her friends as well. As she is leaving the house, she is met with an unfortunate tragedy. She is robbed and shot trying to enter her car. The flick then focuses on Jacob as he goes through the mourning process. In the midst of his bereavement, flashbacks of his relationship are shown. He and his girlfriend were a very happy couple. Additionally, he sees/feels glimpses of her spirit in various places. The visuals end with Jacob placing flowers at the spot where his significant other was murdered. Overall, this was a very emotional and well done video.

**My Two Cents: I’ve heard Jacob Latimore’s name several times over but this is my first real exposure to his music. And it was pretty solid. The song was heavy but quality and the video was good. It reflected the song perfectly and the fans seem to love it. So I give Jacob two thumbs up in the first impression department. Besides pushing This Is Me, Jacob also has a handful of movies in the works. And he was nominated for a BET Award this year. So he is for sure one to keep an eye on. Readers interested in doing so, can find him on the web here. -MinM

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Cierra January 11, 2014 - 6:27 pm

I am in love with this song because i always thought jacob latimore was gonna stick with his upbeat songs. He sure proved me wrong so this song gets 2 thumbs up and he gets an I love you.!!!


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