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B~Free F/ Klassik – “9 to 5 Remix”

by Miracle

9to5remixartwork2(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“9 to 5 Remix” F/ Klassik (listen/download)

Even though the original was pretty incredible, singer/songwriter B~Free decided to put together a remix of her song “9 to 5” off of her hit EP, Open Mic, Open Heart. She called in a major player in the Milwaukee music scene to help out too, none other than award winning artist Klassik. The two set their collaboration to the tune of “Blow My High (Members Only)”  by another great music mind, Kendrick Lamar. The track comes from Kendrick’s Section.80 LP. For those unfamiliar with the record, the production is well-bred. It consists of a quirky yet soulful base, a median cadence, impeccable instrumentation, and a down to earth vibe.

The hook is B~Free’s original work fused in with the sample beat. The old and new meld well together though. The vocals are still top of the line. And the candid message behind the lyrics still holds strong: “I can’t work no 9 to 5. Sick and tired of being sick and tired. Tired of struggling to survive off that same old 9 to 5. I can’t work no 9 to 5. I can’t work no 9 to 5. I’m sick of striving just to stay alive. My happiness means so much more. So that’s all I’m living for. I can’t work no 9 to 5.” Those words are timeless as anyone who is passionately chasing a dream or just unhappy at a typical job will be able to relate to them. The verses are extraordinary too. Klassik brings his fresh perspective on the opening portion of the song. His distinguished sound, real wordplay, and inventive rhymes were a great fit for the record. B~Free takes care of the remainder of the piece. She once again held steadfast to her original lyrics but it worked out suitably. She retains the same passion in her singing and the words retain the same genuine sentiments as before. Which is basically that having to work and struggle to get by is a less than ideal situation to be in. Especially if one has other aspirations in life. All in all, this was a first-class remix.

**My Two Cents: I am a huge fan of: B~Free, Klassik, and Kendrick Lamar. Also, the original version of “9 to 5” is my favorite song by B~Free. So this remix was a mega treat for me. The production was on target, the new content was a hit, and there is still nothing negative to be said about the previous content. Readers should definitely lend an ear to this remix. Hopefully, we will get to hear B~Free and Klassik on more tracks together in the future. -MinM

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