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Aboli$h – “Meant To Be”

by Miracle

avatars-000002910853-xrwrh3-crop(Photo By Reverb Nation)

“Meant To Be” (listen/download)

It’s been a little over a year since readers were introduced to Wausau (WI) rapper Aboli$h. And he has taken some strides in his career since that time. The most notable being his climb to number one on Reverb Nation for his city. That is a fairly noble achievement. In honor of the occurrence, he decided to share a song from his catalog with the site. The song is called, “Meant To Be.” The production here is melodious. The beat is made up of: a reliable foundation, ethereal musical components, and a wistful vibe. The hook is stirring. Aboli$h utilizes fair vocals and the lyrics are deep. The verses are substantial. Aboli$h exhibits a flow laced with an angst ridden tone, true to life wordplay, and personally revealing rhymes. He opens up about some of the burdens he’s had to bare in life including: running away from home, the loss of his brother, dealing with regret, etc. A couple of gripping lines include: “And there isn’t even a day that goes by these memories of mistakes don’t race through my mind. And I would give anything to press rewind so I can go back in time and make things right. But it’s just too late because the bed has been made. I thought the dance was over and the band had been paid. But once again, guess I was wrong again. That’s why I hate this game called life. Cause either way we f–king never win.” Somber and pensive bars being laid out by Aboli$h right there. Overall, this was a very brave and solid offering.

**My Two Cents: It is never easy to expose intimate details about yourself to others. Especially, if said details revolve around touchy situations. So I applaud Aboli$h for being willing to put himself out there for his fans. And he did a decent job. His vocals could have been a little more precise and his rhymes could have been a tad more ornate to help really drive home the theme of the record. But I still enjoyed listening to it. I think readers will appreciate it too, as well as find something within it that resonates with them. On another note, The Illixer would like to offer Aboli$h a major congrats on his #1 status! Keep doing your thing. -MinM

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