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Illuminati Roundtable: Ab-Soul-Utley Not

by Pooh Bailey

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These Days (iTunes)

First came Kendrick Lamar (The Leader), then came Schoolboy Q (The Gangster), next out of the darkness came SZA (The First Lady), and now its Ab-Soul‘s (The Stoner) turn. Today Ab-Soul releases his debut album These Days, and all I can say is meh. I was going to review this new album, but I’d rather take relationship advice from Jennifer Lopez. It seems the trend between the TDE crew is ignoring the beat. Excluding Kendrick, it seems his crew can’t ride a beat with a bicycle and a map. Don’t get me wrong there are some hot songs on the album but it is all because of the feature. That is so a DJ Khaled on Ambien mess. If you do want to spend your hard earned cash on this album instead of sea monkeys, here are a few tracks to look out for …

“World Runners” F/ Lupe Fiasco and Nikki Jean – Like I said before the artists who are featured on the tracks make the album listenable. Lupe basically got on the track and went old school Lupe on it. Best Lupe verse in a while.

“Nevermind” F/ Rick Ross – I like the concept of the song and Rick Ross makes it perfect.

“Kendrick Lamar Interlude” F/ Kendrick Lamar – Basically it’s a new K Dot song on someone else’s album. I actually replayed this song like eight times before I continued to listen to the LP.

“Closure” – Its actually a good song if you are Draking (being emo) and missing the one that got away.

“Sapiosexual” – I only like this song because I’m ratchet every third Saturday of the month. An overly sexual song gets me every time, blame the Scorpio in me.

So there you have it. It seems the TDE crew is so far two for four. With Kendrick leading and SZA sneaking in, the other members need to step up or step off. At this point, I’m waiting on Kendrick to drop that second album and prove that he is either the King Of The Coast or that he is a one and bust (*shrugs*). As for Ab-Soul, I liked him better when he was spitting a 16 here and there on a Jhene Aiko mixtape. Some artists aren’t meant to leave the mixtape circuit, and Ab-Soul-utely Not is one. -Pooh Bailey

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