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Deezy Da Paperboy – “JFK” (Video) [Central Illinois MWBT 2 Winner]

by Miracle

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The second round of the Mid-West Blog Tour is moving full steam ahead and just recently gave way to this year’s winner of the Central Illinois edition. So readers meet Deezy Da Paperboy. He’s been rapping since a very young age and has gone on to start his own label (Paperboy$ En Development) and build up quite the catalog of music. His most recent project is a mixtape titled Real Spit. He describes the tape as being about real life instead of the stereotypical gimmicks usually found in Rap music and giving those who listen something more than just dope rhymes and hot beats. The project consists of 16 tracks, including a single called “JFK.” Said single seems to be what put Deezy over the top with the judges in Central Illinois as a patron of the event described the live performance of the tune as an experience that could not be ignored. So in honor of his big win, the visuals to the popular record are being circulated throughout the web. Check them out after the jump.

The song itself is set to a strong production. The loaded foundation, subtle haunting musical ingredients, plodding tempo, and foreboding vibe work triumphantly together. The hook is gripping. The delivery is vehement and the lyrics are real. There is a solitary verse on this cut. The prolonged verse is first-rate. Deezy presents a piercing flow, cutting wordplay, and savage rhymes. He gives the listener a raw unleashed earful as he talks about the harsh realities and struggles that he’s had to endure. All in all, it’s a pretty fierce selection. It’s easy to envision how compelling it would be to hear it live in person.

The video was done by Jacc Breezy. It takes place in Lincoln, IL. The piece opens with a dark lighting and several figures sporting creepy looking masks. From there, Deezy is shown amongst the masked individuals as well as in equally ghoulish solo shots where he rocks all black with a bandana. The crew eventually takes to the streets where they decide to run down a stranger who happens to be walking up the road. They catch up with their poor target and began to attack him. Once they’ve had their fill, they snap his neck and kind of just loiter around the body. In between all of the action, sinister solo shots of Deezy continue to be displayed. Additionally, there is an ambiguous scenario where “JFK” is spelled out in large circular shaped candles. Another menacing element is the presence of baseball bats. The special effects and editing tricks help add to the ill-boding theme of the flick. Overall, this is an intriguing watch.

**My Two Cents: First off, I would like to extend a huge congratulations to Deezy Da Paperboy on his win at the Mid-West Blog Tour 2 event in Central Illinois. That’s a good look. Secondly, I can see why he won. He definitely has an arresting presence about him. Also, he has a spirited flow and solid bars. I like the “JFK” song and video. The song is serious yet something people can feel at the same time. The visuals were slightly disturbing yet creative. If readers would like more with Deezy, they can hit him up via the provided link as well as on Twitter. -MinM

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