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Hop Da Great – “Lost Souls” (Video)

by Miracle

lostsoulcover(Photo By WhoIsHop.Blogspot.Com)

Bronx emcee Hop Da Great decided to share another video with the site. This one is for his single, “Lost Souls.” The record serves as a preview of what people can expect from Hop’s upcoming project, Preconceived Notions: The Unusual Gift – Strickly 4 The Fans Series (Part 1). Plus, Hop wanted to put out something that allowed him to speak on the struggles of living in today’s world especially when feeling off-course. Take a look at the visuals after the break.

The video was put together by L.E.S Davis. The flick starts off with a quick shot of some dope artwork, followed by a few opening credits, as a clip from the movie In Too Deep plays from the track. From there the song kicks into full swing and Hop is shown doing his thing in a dark setting amidst the artwork shown in the beginning. While he raps, there are a myriad of special effects going on around him. There are lyrical graphics displayed throughout, the lighting is played with a bit, and there are a few motion tricks; just to name a few. In addition to the  artistic scene, Hop is also displayed hanging out in his car and in front of a graffiti covered wall. He takes on a cool laid back demeanor as he spits raw street savvy rhymes backed by a high grade slow-tempo beat. The video finishes with some advertising for Hop’s upcoming mixtape. Overall, this was a worthwhile effort.

**My Two Cents: This was an enjoyable number. The track is a hit. The video was pretty short but it was well packaged and it did the song justice. “Lost Souls”  for sure sets a positive precedent for the upcoming tape. If readers want to explore more with Hop Da Great they may do so by visiting his website. -MinM

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