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Do What You Desire Presents: Exclusive Interview With PRSVR

by Miracle

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Do What You Desire (website)

Readers have been privy to Amerikas Addiction as artists, live performers, and poets. Now it is time to shed a little spotlight on another venture that the duo takes on, blogging. The two run a site named after their motto called DoWhatYouDesire.com where they: feature some of their favorite music & videos, promote their merchandise, advertise events, conduct interviews, etc. Their pride and joy is the interview section. They chop it up with all different types of individuals including: fellow artists, models, DJ’s, and more. Their most unique subjects though are clothing designers and companies. They have had the privilege of sitting down with everyone from underground fashion talents to the more elite. Recently, J The Truth headed over to Chicago for a one of a kind interview with clothing company PRSVR. Continue reading to find out what went down.

Brandon Williamson is the owner / designer of the Pesévérer (PRSVR) clothing brand. The name of the brand happens to be the French word for persevere. Also, Williamson got creative and established an acronym for the letters as well: [P]assion, [R]esilience, [S]acrifice, [V]ictory, and [R]espect. Pretty dope right? Following his introduction, J The Truth had Williamson go into a little more detail about his company; covering topics such as: products offered, the goal for customers, celebrity clientele, and more. It was a great informative segment for those who may be new to the PRSVR name. The highlight of the interview though, was when J The Truth and Williamson went over a few of the actual pieces from the collection. PRSVR takes a unique approach in designing in that they make all of their merchandise with leather. So for example, one of the items examined was a red leather v-neck. It had the traditional structure of a v-neck but the leather material and red color gave it a distinct flair. Definitely something out of the ordinary. The interview ended with Williamson letting people know where they can find him online. He also has an actual store in the windy city where people can visit, shop, and get custom pieces made. All in all, this was an intriguing watch. Big props to J The Truth on the well-rounded interview. #DOWHATYOUDESIRE

**My Two Cents: I thought this was neat. I love the concept behind PRSVR. The brand is definitely in a league of it’s own. Leather has never really been my thing. But the motorcycle jacket with the changeable mood sleeves was pretty fly. I liked that a lot. If readers are interested in checking out PRSVR, the website link is provided above. And the company can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. -MinM

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