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Haze Po F/ JS – “Make It Happen” (Single & Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By B3Vision Group, LLC)

“Make It Happen” F/ JS

Haze Po is a rapper on the grind who is originally from New Jersey but currently resides in Pennsylvania. His story is not too much different than most. He went through a lot of struggles and hardships growing up and turned to music as an escape. He began to seriously pursue rapping in his teen years and in the beginning was told by some major players that he was not ready for the game. However, he didn’t give up. He used the doubt as his motivation and kept pushing on in his career. The result of his determination? Four mixtapes, an EP, and nationwide performance credits on his resume. Not too shabby for someone who was once seen as an underdog. Haze Po’s purpose with his craft is to genuinely connect to people by making music with a message.

Haze recently started pushing his single “Make It Happen” off of his project Me, Myself, & Eye. The track features singer JS and is all about being successful against all odds. The production is solid. It has a low tone, some simple musical elements, and a serious vibe. The hook is good. JS brings the perfect vocal quality for the beat and the lyrics are moving. The verses are decent. Haze has a distinct deep voiced flow and well put together rhymes. He does a great job of telling a story of trying to survive in tough times. Listeners will definitely be able to relate to the theme of this song. In the end, this is a respectable cut. It would make for a great addition to the soundtrack of anyone trying to make it out the streets or the hood. Which is more or less the premise for the visuals to the single. The video is directed by Jay Wes and it focuses on taking two different roads in life and the results of each. Peep the cinematic piece below.



**My Two Cents: I think Haze Po has a nice little style about him. He’s very laid back and his rhymes are official. If readers agree, they can get additional info, music, videos, and more via Haze’s website. Also, they can check out Me, Myself, & Eye in it’s entirety via DatPIff. -MinM

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