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$killz F/ December Representer – “Urpy Purpy” (Video)

by Miracle

$killz is back at it again. He has dropped another video for a single off of his Sound Of Superman mixtape. This time around he linked up with his boy December Representer for the visuals to their track, “Urpy Purpy.” It’s a simple yet engaging watch. Go ahead and take a peek.



This video was shot by $killz and his fellow Sypher Squad member/business partner Smokie for Strictly Bizz Productions. $killz handled the editing on his own. The video kicks off in black and white, then transitions to a smooth purple hue. Purple is the color of choice for the remainder of the video. Clever way to embody the theme of the track. The concept of the video is basically just the fellas kicking it at a couple of get togethers. One takes place at a home and the other in a hotel atmosphere. They drink, smoke, vibe to the music, and just have a good time with their people. One stand out scene includes $killz and December chilling in front of a vending machine. Not the most interesting hang out place ever but the duo make it look cool. The video ends with some live/behind the scenes footage of the gatherings. Which includes one poor guy who seems to have partied just a little too hard. Overall, this was a good video. The color and the antics make it worth the watch. And the song is pretty boss too.

**My Two Cents: I liked this video. Not a smoker, but purple is one of my favorite colors. Also, $killz and December seemed to be living it up in their element. So that was cool to experience. And the song is on point. Both gentlemen had some raw lines throughout the track. If readers haven’t already, they need to click the link and check out that tape. It’s well worth the time. Catch up with Milwaukee’s superman aka $killz on Facebook and Twitter. -MinM

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