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Haviah Mighty – “Only” (Remix)

by Miracle

Bass Loud EP Coming Soon(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Canadian raptress Haviah Mighty is back on the site with one of two remixes that she recently unleashed on her supporters. It’s called “Only” and is a rendition of the track of the same name done by Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Drake, and Chris Brown (peep it here). She dropped the remixes in order to get everyone pumped up for her upcoming EP, Bass Loud. It will include 12 all original tracks and is scheduled to hit the public in early 2015. Find out how she fared compared to the heavy hitters who originally did the number after the break.

The production remains unchanged. For anyone who hasn’t heard it, it’s a beasty instrumental. The slight base, tense background elements, labored tempo, and severe vibe gel winningly together. The hook is only utilized once on this track. It comes into play at the end and mirrors the initial one done by Chris Breezy. Haviah gives a model execution of the troubled R&B star’s trendy lyrics. There is only one lone verse present. It is of a reputable quality. Haviah Mighty disperses a stern flow, solid wordplay, pointed quality rhymes, and just a hint of her fly vocal abilities. She sends a crystal clear message that she can go hard with the best of them. A snippet from her declaration includes: “Look you in yo eyes, say f–k you. Yeah you say that you a man but little squirrels bust nuts too. My a** like a dump truck too. I have my buzz cut too. I do what I need to. I might have to cut you. Trust no one. Don’t trust you. F–k y’all up I must do. I break all these n—as down. I just do what (…) do. So this is for real n—as only. But most of you n—as is phony.” Those are some forward words right there. As a whole, this is a snazzy remix.

**My Two Cents: I like what Haviah Mighty did with this cover of “Only.” She rocked it like the all star mainstream line up on the cut should have done. She keeps up nicely with the pacing which is key to this kind of record. And her take on the hook is dope as well. I would love to hear her do a full song with just vocals. Maybe on the upcoming EP. Time will tell. If readers are interested in the other remix she dropped, they can peep the video for it below. It’s Haviah’s spin on “Take Kare” by Young Thug and Lil Wayne. She nails this one too. -MinM

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