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Loud Management Presents: #ISupport Volume 3 – Nu Money

by Miracle

10419438_593776380728517_8767927285943472479_n(Photos By Bizal McLoud)

#ISupport Volume 1 (listen/download)

#ISupport Volume 2 (listen/download)

Nu Money is no stranger to these parts. His last feature on the site was back in May for his Perc Kodiene album review.  He has since been on his grind creating fresh tunes and indulging in other ventures to advance his career. He is currently working on a new mixtape titled Dreamers Never Sleep. He is also another MKE talent that has created a bit of a buzz for himself on the 414 Video Spotlight show.

His contribution to the #ISupport Volume 3 tape is his latest smash hit single “Mobbin.” It features the one and only Pizzle along with an artist who goes by the name of Qwan Gifted. The track has been a huge success already and even has gone so far as to spark a bit of a movement. Evidence of which can be seen in themed photos on social media sites courtesy of those who support the young talent. It’s a catchy selection with real content. So it’s no surprise that it caught on so well. The other part of the record’s popularity can be attributed to the hood savvy visuals for the cut. The 2MM Studios directed flick can be viewed here. When asked about the single, Nu Money kept it short & sweet: “The inspiration behind ‘Mobbin’ is it’s used as a term of unity.”

Nu Money Defines Support As: “My idea of what support is, is a genuine belief in what you do from others whom have come to appreciate the product you present. Supporters motivate you to keep the flame lit.”

Readers can keep up with Nu Money by visiting his official website. The #ISupport Volume 3 release and live showcase is just a mere week away. So get ready to come out and enjoy all of the artists you’ve read about in the campaign thus far and a few others who haven’t been covered just yet. Peep the flyer below for all of the event details. -MinM


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