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Ashy Knees – Lotionless (Beat Tape Review)

by Miracle

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Lotionless (listen/download)

Guest Pen Author: Cezar

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Brooklyn the birthplace of Hip-Hop has offered us another new and refreshing sound. Producer Ashy Knees originally from Charlottesville, VA has blessed us with a new beat tape entitled Lotionless. Beat tapes are always nice to listen to because you can really hear where a person is from and what influences them. Get an idea of what drives Ashy Knees after the break.

“About You”

This beat starts off with a dope sample, followed by a strong bass line, and an eclectic choice of snares & kicks. This instrumental has a very vibrant sound and at times you can hear the desire and determination of the producer inside the beat. This beat is a favorite for me and is very well put together.

“Funky In Here”

This beat is incredible to summarize. Ashy was on a another level with the beat. The drums mixed in with the perfectly balanced guitar in the background makes this a great listen.


As an artist this a beat that I would love. The soothing tone in the beginning with a strong piano lead is a nice touch. The ambient sound and overall tone of this beat speaks volumes of this young producer’s creative power.

**Cezar’s Final Perspective: Ashy Knees at 19 years old is a phenomenal producer with his old school vibe and sounds. Lotionless is well put together and offers a well rounded view of this producer. The mixtape has a light vibe and you can hear Ashy’s early Rock influences. Overall, I like what I hear. Its a new original sound, the samples are on point, and the mixing is wonderful. I hope to hear more from this budding producer. With his above average skills, he has the potential and visible work ethic to become a dominant force in the game. Lotionless rates as a 4.5/5. -Cez


Chill Clarke March 10, 2013 - 6:55 pm


Jack-offxWax-off March 10, 2013 - 7:07 pm

Fresh beats=blossoming bliss~~~
4/3/4 holla ja boi


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