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Genesis Renji – “Testimony” (Video)

by Miracle

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House Of Renji‘s own Genesis Renji decided to premiere a brand new song & video at the end of last month. The song is candidly titled “Testimony” and it was produced by another well known 414 name, Klassik. The track spans about two and half minutes in length and it is centered around the belief that there is a serious lack of openness amongst people in today’s society. Genesis Renji decides to break that cycle and expose some of his innermost private feelings and thoughts.

The production for the tune is legit. The clean foundation, characterful musical components, reserved tempo, and meditative vibe go together like a hand in glove. There is no hook placed on this selection. Instead there is just a brief mentioning of the title towards the end of the offering. The extended verse is enriching. Genesis Renji disperses his signature flow in a conversational tone with shining wordplay and deep brilliant rhymes. He reveals insecurities that he faces in both every day life and his music career. Which is a brave move. It’s not easy to admit to one’s shortcomings. Especially for the whole world to hear. As a whole, this is a valuable offering.

The video for the single was filmed, edited, and directed by Vonnie Quest. It is classified as a short film and done completely in black & white. The concept actually serves as a metaphor. The piece opens with a definition of the word vulnerable. From there, Genesis Renji is shown running intensely from an unseen force. He winds up in a dense wooded area where he slows down to catch a breather and sort himself out. The scenario serves as the equivalent of Renji facing his fears head on by allowing himself to be unguarded instead of taking on a closed off demeanor like the rest of the world. The video concludes with a compelling shot of Genesis resuming his journey through the forest and then unexpectedly falling out. The camera fades to dark immediately afterwards which leaves things on a very ambiguous note. All in all, this is a fascinating vision.

**My Two Cents: This is awesome work from Genesis Renji as well as those whom he collaborated with. Klassik did a fabulous job on the production. The instrumental is extremely appealing to the senses. Then Genesis took it to the next level with a deviceful concept and choice execution. The visuals turned out splendidly too. The plot for the video was clever and Vonnie Quest brought everything together flawlessly. It definitely had a cinematic quality to it. Readers need to take a couple of minutes and give this a view pronto. It is well worth it and then some. -MinM

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