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El-Shareef – Nonchalant (EP Review)

by Miracle

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“Jerseys” (previous review)

“Peachy” (previous review)

414 talent El-Shareef released a brand new EP last month for his followers to enjoy in partnership with popular music outlet DJ Booth.Net. The project is entitled Nonchalant and it contains a total of nine tracks. Two of the singles have been previously featured on the site. And the reviews for those singles can be found above. There is only one lone guest appearance on the collective but there is definitely no shortage of producers who were allowed to do their thing. See how the album pans out after the break.

 “Still Trippin”
This song was produced by Eli Myles and it is listed as a fan favorite. The production here turned out winningly. The refined bass, complimentary background elements, middling rhythm, and casual vibe result in a worthwhile combination. The hook is of a high quality as well. The delivery is easy to comprehend and the lyrics are honest. The verses are satisfactory. El-Shareef dons a crisp flow, trendy wordplay, and legitimate specified rhymes. He let’s the listener in on a variety of situations that are weighing heavy on his brain. An excerpt from his thoughts includes: “All these so called veterans that don’t wanna let us in. So we digging deep with the shovel til we settle in. Walking around on fire. Who the f–k done let the devil in? Young, Black, and American, that’s what they call us. These b—hes only cheering for a n—a that’s balling. And I’m just trying to have a good time til the morning. Said I’m just trying to have a good time til the morning.” Those are some very upfront bars right there. Overall, this is a befitting record. It’s pretty simple to understand why it received such positive accolades.
This track was produced by Dylan Guye. The production here is entrancing. The spacey infrastructure, unique supporting details, measured tempo, and trippy vibe fuse agreeably together. The hook is interesting too. The delivery is creative and the lyrics are attention grabbing. The verses are adequate. El-Shareef utilizes a committed flow, effective wordplay, and rhymes that get the job done. He gives the listener an abstract series of ideas to mull over in an appealing fashion. A handful of impressive lines are: “Death on arrival. This s–t gets deeper than pot holes. Smoking on silent. My eyes touching my nostrils. I’m claustrophobic, y’all n—as just contradicting. I’m sauna chilling with three bad b—hes like I was based god. Don’t flash no f–king money cause you just might get yo bank robbed. In my city where they carry fifties to they day job. Hey ma, your son is on the radio. Please take a listen. Sing along with your karaoke.” Those words right there create an expressive opening. As a whole, this is another classic notch on El-Shareef’s belt so to speak.
**My Two Cents: These are the two songs that stuck with me the most after checking out Nonchalant. In addition to the two previously explored tracks, I felt like they give a valid well rounded view of the EP. In it’s entirety, it stacks up quite nicely. The production is A-1. Mammyth makes a fair guest appearance. And El-Shareef rocks the content. His hooks are especially dope. He could stand to add just a little more variety style wise though. Some slower cuts as well as some more livelier joints would have created a nice balanced project. But Nonchalant is definitely still worth giving an ear. So scroll up and hit that play button. -MinM

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