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Genesis Renji – “Tatted Up”

by Miracle

TATTED_UP(cover art)(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Genesis Renji (DMV / Milwaukee) linked up with a producer by the name of Kevin Fortune (Jackson, Mississippi) to create a new anthem for those of the tattooed persuasion. The single is coined “Tatted Up” and is scheduled to appear on the spirited talent’s upcoming EP, A Shot Of Gen 3. The EP is slated for release sometime in November.

The production here is a breath of fresh air. The solid framework, finespun secondary elements, swank rhythm, and deliberate vibe work gracefully together. The hook is a treasure too. The delivery is spotless and the lyrics are hard to ignore. The verses are compelling. Genesis Renji enlists an expressive flow, adept wordplay, and optical rhymes. He speaks on tattoos in such a deep and personal way that it gives the art form a striking new perspective. Absorb as he spits: “Black gloves like you robbed somebody. Gun humming like you dropped somebody. Wiping blood like you shot somebody. Sweet god, good lord, I think you caught somebody. Hieroglyphs in my melanin, settling. These type of markings I embark in represent everything I embody. Don’t be talking reckless. Might go kamikaze. My mind is departed.” Genesis Renji slays with those bars right there which happen to be the beginning to the second verse of the song. Overall, this is a brilliant first leak.
**My Two Cents: I have always been fascinated with the tattoo art form and culture. And this year, I finally braved the needle to start my own collection of ink. So I vibe with this track on a couple of different levels. The production is very fitting. Kevin Fortune is a truly gifted being. Then there is Genesis Renji. He really does something special with the content. He captures the dark kind of taboo nature that is associated with ink in a way that is so appealing that you have to appreciate it. Even if you’re not into tattoos. That is beyond impressive. As if the song wasn’t brilliant enough on it’s own, there is a video being created for this amazing tune as we speak. I can not wait to see it. In the meantime, don’t deny your ears this goodness, hit play now. -MinM

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