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Adam Reverie – The WestSide Rev Project (Album Review)

by Pooh Bailey

WestSide Rev(Photo By Band Camp)

I might not stop, places to cop, 76 floors (flows) you can call me the Doc.” There is Jay Z line for everything. And to describe Adam Reverie‘s newest effort The WestSide Rev Project, I believe Hov’s “Grammy Family Freestyle” does it best.

Reverie attacks this project from all angles and all flows. Sometimes he went overboard with the flow switch when it wasn’t necessary, for instance, “Westside Rev.” One of the best things about this project is the production. The tracks put you in the mind of J Dilla, No ID, and 9th Wonder styles of production. With production you can vibe out to, Reverie hits you with lyricism that either would get you thinking or have you reminiscing (“Ain’t Raised No Hoe”). But don’t get it twisted, Reverie got that trunk music for you late night riders too (“Detroit Muscle”). Or if you just want to sit back and just vibe out (“Pros and Cons”), don’t worry Reverie got you.

So the $35 (on a Link card) question is that is The WestSide Rev Project worth your bandwidth and money? If you enjoy the works of a J Dilla and Common collaboration, than yes. Adam Reverie is very much original and is great at what he does. And his production team is nothing nice. Artists like Reverie give listeners hope that the art of storytelling in Hip-Hop isn’t dead, rather it’s just chilling underground.  I, personally, can’t wait to hear how Reverie plans to follow this. Lets just hope he stays on his current path and elevates it. – Pooh Bailey

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