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Jon Briggz – “Anything”

by Pooh Bailey

artworks-000120952804-uyqrxh-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Jon Briggz is back with a new track titled “Anything,” produced by NOVA. Never intended to start a movement when he formed The Lost, but Briggz simply wanted to express the way he and his cohorts lived. While others negatively labeled him and his team as lost, Briggz decided to embrace the idea. And with his new track, he is trying to prove that no matter the style or notion, he can do whatever.

I actually really like the concept of this song. I truly adore the way he makes fun of what’s hot, while staying true to form. The production was dope. NOVA did a great job of not making the track ‘overly trap,’ if that makes sense. Basically, he didn’t force it. Some producers try to force a hard beat when it wasn’t necessary. Not the case here. As a whole, this is a really great track. What amazes me the most, is the growth that Jon Briggz is showing. If he keeps this up, his next project will be a problem. And I for one wouldn’t mind being one of The Lost who are down for anything. -Pooh Bailey

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