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gaVen heVy – “…Password” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

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“…Password” (preview)

I don’t think they sleep much over there at INeverRapped2BCool.  Fresh off the heels of his …Dedicated to Her EP, Brooklyn emcee gaVen heVy is treating fans to a new track with visuals to match entitled “…Password,” as a post-release bonus track. Now I would post the video, but there is an exclusive password to actually view it. So in the meantime, check out the review below and then get the password instructions from the link up top.

The song (with no credited producer) is short and to the point. The beat is classic boom bap, with an average drum loop and bass-line to carry the minute and a half track. As usual, gaVen brings a nice East Coast braggadocio style to the track which in a nutshell warns other emcees of his ability to outshine them. Lines like: “Its Sir heVy but you could tell by the flow. Grammatically armed, set, strapped ready to go;” and “Sick with the stanzas, dancing with the rhythms. Sounds like I’m hop scotching, two stepping, or fox trotting;” just show a little bit more of his hunger and intention in the rap game. It opens with a basic chorus, a nice 16 bars, and closes with the same chorus.  Simple but Hip-Hop to the core.

Now the visuals were just as to the point as the interlude-esque track. Directed and edited by heVy himself, it follows him around the city as he takes moments to spit against alleyway backdrops, closed gates, and brick buildings. The catch is that throughout the entire video, he is placing small cards with his name and photo on them in the most random places. Thus signifying his grind and how the littlest effort can go a long way. I think the video proves what the chorus says which is “They don’t want it.”

**Final Thoughts: Once again, I like the bars and the style of rap gaVen heVy produces. Although the track was a short one, I still liked that I was able to hear that side of gaVen and it didn’t come off as cheesy but a classier way of saying “I’m next.” I would have liked just a little more from the video though. -Real McCoy

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