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Strange Tang F/ R.T. Heights & Lady Tee – “Dirty Lenses”

by Miracle

a1746733061_2(Photo By Band Camp)

“Dirty Lenses” F/ R.T. Heights & Lady Tee (preview)

The guys of Strange Tang teamed up with fellow artists R.T. Heights and Lady Tee to create an one of a kind motivational record entitled “Dirty Lenses.” The meaning behind the effort has been described on Band Camp as: ” … becoming aware of your perception of the world you live in. There is only one world. Your world. How you choose to view it is how it becomes. It’s all about what lens you choose to look through.” That is a profound summary.

The production here is beautiful. The subtle base, charming instrumentation, whimsical background elements, eloquent tempo, and peaceful vibe make for a blissful combination. The hook is pleasing too. The harmonies are delightful and the lyrics are touching. The verses are fulfilling. Obliq heads up the effort as well as the third verse and Price steps up on the second half. Both artists contribute poised flows, mindful wordplay, and dignified rhymes. They do an effective job of reflecting the sentiment that was established in the song’s earlier mentioned description. A few lines worth taking note of from Obliq are: “Only difference between us is the looking glass. What you looking at change in appearance when you change what you looking at. Look for wrong, you gone see pain. Look for good, you gone see gain. Ain’t nothing but a G thang. I believe all dreams come true. You wanna feel good then it’s all on you. Don’t ever let the world turn your heart on you. Cause your heart lead the way when your smarts won’t do.” Those are some very inspiriting bars right there. Overall, this selection is a real treasure.

**My Two Cents: This was a bright single. The production was really something special and the message behind the content was significant. I think readers will truly enjoy this cut. So be sure to take a moment and click play. Then if you haven’t already, be sure to hit the duo with a like on Facebook (see above). They will definitely appreciate the love. -MinM

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