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Lost Boys Collective – “Starbucks & Obama Care”

by Miracle

a0204847821_2(Photo By Band Camp)

“Starbucks & Obama Care” (preview)

Emmitt James is not only expanding his talents by stepping into the fashion world but he is also expanding his music as well. He has teamed up with fellow creative spirit to form the Lost Boys Collective. The collective released their first official single “Starbucks & Obama Care” (awesome title), and it will be featured on an upcoming mixtape dubbed Neverland. This particular track includes a poetic style contribution from an individual by the name of Kyler.

The production here is novel. It is comprised of: a low pitched base, a distinctive guitar element provided by Nic Gauer, a plodding tempo, and a sedated vibe. There is no hook used on this cut. Instead there is a brief musical break between parts which creates an easy transition. The two sections are interesting. Emmitt James spits his usually high quality intellectually laced rhymes of course. Kyler on the other hand takes more of a spoken word type of approach. Each present pertinent deliveries, keen wordplay, and variant content. They speak out on everything from personal relationships to religion. A few lines worth mulling over from Emmitt James are: “We hit the coffee shop. She told me that she only do indie. And I’m in love with the fact she so in love with the city. She believes in heaven but don’t believe in God. She told me don’t change. I like you the way you are. Word? I wanna know her before I get to judge. And love her smile even though she knows I’m not the one.” That’s a captivating setup for the beginning of the track. Kyler concludes the record on an equally compelling note: “Ten years old, I was taught regret. Ten years old, scared of what’s next. Empathy, apathy, remorse, regret. Someone tell me what’s going through my head. I was taught to swim but now I’m drowning instead.” Those are some weighted words right there. Overall, this song is in a class by itself.

**My Two Cents: This was a different sort of effort. I liked it a lot. Emmitt James and Kyler feed off of each other pretty well. The combining of rap and spoken word in the manner that they did it was very innovative. And Nic Gauer is nice with that guitar. He definitely added something special to the sound of the record. Looking forward to hearing what else Neverland has in store. Be sure to check back or hit up the provided links to stay up to date on the mixtape. -MinM

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