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Floria – “Bring It Back”

by Miracle

unnamed(Photo by Sound Cloud)

Floria is an artist/producer from Brisbane, Australia. He specializes in a futuristic style blend of R&B. He got into the music world back into 2007 after attending a Daft Punk concert that he snuck into. The show inspired him to want to try his hand at producing and recording his own music. He began experimenting and ended up with a sound that fuses the genres of R&B and Techno. He has grown a lot since that time and has become known for his unique approach to the art form. Last week, he released a brand new single titled “Bring It Back.” The song was completely put together in his home studio and draws influence from the likes of: Ariana Grande, Shlohmo, and The Weeknd.

The production here is of a five star quality. The heavy hitting foundation, eclectic secondary ingredients, club style tempo, and businesslike vibe make for an undeniable combination. The hook is different. It is done in a mix of both Mandarin and English. The execution of the vocals is engaging and the lyrics are complimentary. The verses are solid. Floria doles out smooth yet unorthodox vocals and heartfelt lyrics. He presents the scenario of a lost love and going through the motions of wanting said love back. A snippet from his ordeal includes: “Always hold you down. F–k your enemies. See you every room, it’s a party. Try to give you up cold turkey. But you keep coming back, back, back to me. Only you can get the best of me. Some things don’t ever change. Keep it low key.” One has to appreciate the longing sentiment being put forth by those words right there. All in all, this is an enjoyable modest number.
unnamed(Photo By Jez Ryan)
**My Two Cents: I like Floria and his offbeat version of R&B. He is definitely operating in his own lane in more ways than one. This particular single is pretty neat to me. The production is hot. I think he made great use of the synthesizers and digital equipment that dominate the sound. The hook is inventive. He makes the transition from Mandarin to English quite flawlessly. And the content is relatable. Everyone has ended a relationship a time or two before, then later regretted it and wanted the person back. I think Floria nailed the scenario overall. His lyrics could have been stepped up a tad though. If your open to non-traditional types of music, I say give this a whirl for sure. If you like it, be sure to keep up with Floria by following him on Twitter. -MinM

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