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EVG Rebel – “S.H.E [Strongest Human Ever]” (Video)

by Miracle

604158_822815219652_532747175_n(Photo By EVG Management)

EVG Rebel is an up-and-coming female talent born in Queens, NY and raised in New Jersey. She got into the entertainment world at a young age via the medium of dance. From there, she further latched onto music via instruments like the saxophone and the piano. She also went on to discover a love of writing music and found inspiration in late great artists such as: Whitney Houston, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, etc. She eventually landed gigs as a back up dancer for mainstream giants and earned a spot in numerous music videos. However, it was when she discreetly started posting YouTube videos of herself singing and rapping that her career was launched to the next level. She became a viral sensation and the rest is pretty much history. Her time in the music game has been filled with ups and downs but she has embraced it all. She chalks it up as a learning experience and uses it to ensure that she provides an honorable representation of the female artist to the world. Her goal is to be the voice for women of all kinds. She hopes to tell their stories to the world through motivational, raw, and authentic tunes. Ultimately she wants her artistry to revolutionize the female image.

To give the site a sample of how EVG gets down, her team sent over one of her most recent videos. It ‘s for her song “S.H.E [Strongest Human Ever].” The track is produced by K. Portis. It is a quieter number with soulful musical ingredients, an engaging rhythm, and an effective vibe. The production is of a blue ribbon quality all in all. The content is superb too. EVG contributes profound material through a distinct flow and studious rhymes. She pens a striking tale of overcoming various obstacles mostly brought on by ill intentioned individuals. As a whole, it’s a very respectable track.

The video was a joint effort between EVG herself and P-Cha$e. The piece is set in New Jersey and basically features EVG in coarse and urban outdoor locations as she spits her story. In between shots of the passionate emcee, are black & white clips of women handling their business. This includes everything from taking care of children to cooking in the kitchen. Another standout element in the flick is, the chained pair of boxing gloves that EVG has around her neck. They make for a savvy accessory. The video closes out with EVG retiring said gloves and then slipping out of view. A couple of quick promo shots appear next before the camera fades to black. Overall, this was an ingratiating video.

**My Two Cents: EVG has a favorable sound about her and I admire her advocacy for us ladies. That is a noble undertaking. I enjoyed the song and flick. The track had substance and was skillfully delivered. The visuals were a fierce embodiment of the effort. I definitely think that EVG has a long prosperous future in the world of music. Be sure to visit her official website via the above link and more of her videos can be found here. -MinM

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