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News: Xzibit, B-Real (Cypress Hill), & Demrick Form New Hip-Hop Group Serial Killers

by Miracle

Serial_Killers_Photo_by_Matt_Alonzo(Photo By Underground Nation)

Hip-Hop veteran B-Real decided a while ago that he wanted to put together a new group. He wanted artists involved that were guaranteed to slay every song they were a part of while at the same time annihilating any form of competition. So he pitched the idea to fellow veteran and West Coast heavy hitter Xzibit. His distinct harsh flow and no nonsense rhymes made him an ideal candidate.

Plus, the two were already sharing studio space in Los Angeles as well as working together to develop a rising talent by the name of Demrick (formerly Young De). The trio started collaborating on tracks and things began to fall into place from there. Xzibit stated in interviews that the group grew innately and that the venture advanced with ease. The fellas ended up calling themselves Serial Killers. Due to scheduling differences and other business, the group’s debut took some time to pull together. The fellas made sure to keep in close contact and worked on their premiere offering whenever they could. Now after almost three years, they are ready to share their first official mixtape with the world. B-Real and Xzibit are content with the tape and feel like it will be a treat for fans both old and new. Additionally, they believe that their extensive successful histories in the Rap game combined with Demrick’s fresh new perspective helped attribute to the overall quality of the effort. The tape has been labeled Serial Killers: Volume 1 and is described as an aggressive musical representation of the term.

Recently, they released the tape’s lead single/video “First 48.” The track is produced by Futuristiks and Sir Jinx. It will serve as the introduction to the mixtape. Xzibit starts things off, Demrick follows suit, and B-Real knocks out the ending. All three rappers come with marked flows, edgy wordplay, and intense rhymes. They send a foreboding crystal clear message to all of their opponents. Overall, it’s a brief yet solid single. The video was packaged together by Matt Alonzo. It’s a short gory flick centered around the idea of the trio persecuting and then getting rid of their victims. It’s meant to stand as a metaphor for the purpose of the group. The behind the scenes footage of the video received a rave response and it was featured on countless websites worldwide. The full length version of the video can be seen above. Serial Killers: Volume 1 is slated for release on October 31st aka Halloween via Live Mixtapes. So note the date and be sure to hit up the site.

**My Two Cents: I think the Serial Killers concept is a very interesting and promising look for all three artists. It’s something different that no one else is the music game is doing right now. “First 48” was a decent track. The guys seem to have a winning chemistry and everything gelled together nicely. The video was on point too. One can never go wrong with a good set of twisted Horror themed visuals. I’m looking forward to discovering what else the group cooked up for their release on the spookiest day of the year. Be sure to click those links and follow the killers on Twitter while you’re at it. -MinM

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