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John Lewis The Fifth – “Roll Up On You” (Video)

by Miracle

photo (5)(John Lewis The Fifth)

Meet John Lewis The Fifth from Miami, Florida. His claim to fame is making what he describes as “Real Hip-Hop.” So think about artists like J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, etc. Those are no small names to keep company with. John is currently pushing to get the word out about his upcoming project, First Class (that cover art is dope). To carry out that mission as well as to introduce himself to us here in the Mid-West, he sent over the video to his song “Roll Up On You.”

He wrote and produced the record himself. He did a noteworthy job. The single is set to a smooth street style production with infectious components. It’s of a grade A quality. The content is pretty fresh too. John has a seriously appealing flow and he provides impeccable rhymes as he speaks on the burden of police harassment. Overall, the song is fire. The video was put together by SBHW Films. The storyline of the visual is pretty clear cut. It’s basically a literal representation of the offering’s theme. So John is cruising along with his buddies on a beautiful day, looking for something to get into, and they get pulled over by a cop. They did nothing wrong with the exception of not buckling up. However, they are still all removed from the vehicle while the cop turns it inside out. John and his crew play it cool though as they sit just off to the side during the seemingly unnecessary search. Or do they? Readers will have to take a glance at the video to see how everything plays out. All in all, it was an entertaining number.

**My Two Cents: John Lewis The Fifth made a noteworthy first impression on me. I love his sound. His flow is very polished and actually reminds me a little of the aforementioned Mr. Cole. His rhymes were nice too. I dig the track and video as well. Both were finely put together and have a high replay value. I certainly want to hear/see what else the Miami emcee can do. So I’ll do my best to keep up with him in the future. If readers would like to do the same, he is on Facebook and Twitter. -MinM

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