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Eli $tones – “Can’t Go” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

Every once in a while social media can be good for something other than cheeky memes and fight videos. For example, one can be put on to fresh new music by a dope indie artist. This is how The Illixer discovered Eli $tones. Eli is a recording artist / rapper / songwriter from right here in Milwaukee. He is currently pushing an EP coined Elsewhere 2. “Can’t Go” is the third track to be released from the collective and the visual for the tune is what put Eli $tones on the site’s radar.

“Can’t Go” is produced by Ocean Beats. The production is of a novel quality. The solid bass, quirky secondary musical components, upbeat tempo, and bouncy vibe make for a refreshing combination. The hook is decent. The delivery has a fitting melodic tone to it and the lyrics are emotive. The verses are transparent. Eli $tones utilizes a spirited flow, consistent wordplay, and personal rhymes. He does a stand up job of taking the listener through his struggles with love as he tries to navigate the roller-coaster ride that is adulthood at the same time. An excerpt from his dilemma includes: “Won’t even check for me. S–t getting hectic. Remember that we used to ball. I said you were dead to me. I been so selfish cause I just been wanting it all. So I drown in the s–t. Tomorrow with some other chick. (…) I can’t forget all the times that I took you for granted when you said you need me. Pain in my heart. And I know that I’m better but swear that you’ll never believe me.” Those are some heartfelt lines right there. As a whole, this is a noteworthy track.

The video for “Can’t Go” is filmed, directed, and edited by TradeMark Media. The concept for the visual is pretty straight to the point. It consists of a series of performance shots amidst bright colorful backdrops and sleek editing tricks. The colors and editing ploys align nicely with the energy of the record. And Eli $tones does his thing as well. He brings lots of charisma and enthusiasm to the camera. All in all, this is an enjoyable watch.

**My Two Cents: Long time site affiliate Rockz caught wind of “Can’t Go” and thought that the site might appreciate what Eli $tones has to offer. And she was right. He has a magnetic way about him and one can tell that he is invested in his music. “Can’t Go” is a satisfying groove. And the premise behind it is one that we are all familiar with. The lyrics could use a little tweaking but I believe Eli $tones is going to be around for a while. So there will be plenty of time for him to further grow and develop. If readers agree, they should be sure to hit those links at the beginning of the post. -MinM

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Cassandra January 24, 2020 - 6:59 pm

I want Eli $tones to have my babies


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