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Amerikas Addiction F/ Wave Chapelle – “All Us”

by Miracle

“All Us” (Listen Here)

It’s been a while since the site has checked in with the fellas of Amerikas Addiction. So when member David Kelly reached out with new music, it was a must to share with readers. The pair recently teamed up with another well known respected 414 talent by the name of Wave Chapelle. The result of their collab is a single titled “All Us.” It’s the duo’s first release of the new decade and it kicks off their ambitious intention to release brand new original music every other week or so. Continue reading to get a feel for how Amerikas Addiction is starting off the new year.

The production here is likable. The orderly foundation, even pace, low-profile musical elements, and leisurely vibe tie in nicely together. The hook is one that is sure to stick with the listener. The delivery has an unique distorted tone to it and the lyrics are valid. The verses are of a first-rate quality. The guys come through with expressive flows, clever wordplay, and bold rhymes. They let it be known that they are in the business of making things happen with no help necessary. Lines like: “Whole city going up and I ain’t mad at it. Good drink and bad b—hes. I got bad habits. I just got my level up. I know he mad at it. We don’t do no hand to hand. I make ’em Cash App it. These n—as will hate on the low. They wanna shake ya hand. I’m naming my jeweler P. Diddy. I told ’em just make the band;” make a pretty colorful impression. Overall, this is an entertaining debut for the new year.

**My Two Cents: “All Us” sets a pretty promising standard for Amerikas Addiction for 2020. The beat could’ve had a little more of a flair to it but the content definitely picks up the slack. The concept is relatable and the guys spit with ease. I dig it and I am definitely looking forward to hearing the new releases in the upcoming weeks. Readers should make sure to check out the link at the start of the post so that they can keep up too. -MinM

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