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B.U. & Hektik – “Paralyzed” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

So one of the more notable musical events that occurred while the site was on hiatus was the release of Elements. The project is the collaboration offering from 414 vets B.U. and Hektik. Since we didn’t get a chance to share the album with readers, we had to jump on the latest single/visual from the pair. It’s entitled “Paralyzed” and it is the third number from Elements to hit the masses.

So of course B.U. handled all of the engineering and production for this record. And like always, he does not disappoint. The production here is engaging. The deep base, premium musical ingredients, creeping rhythm, and chilling vibe are auditory gold. The hook is well matched. The delivery floats nicely between a melodic and a distorted style. The lyrics are straight to the point. The verses are legit. The duo step up with charismatic flows, clever wordplay, and concrete rhymes. They give their perspectives on a couple of different subjects. A little something from B.U. includes: “Got a band. Where ya drummer at? You number one but I’m in front of that. Beef s–t, you don’t want none of that. Got this Rap s–t mummy wrapped. In ya hood like where the money at? I raised the bar. Now you under that. I’m a G. Gotta honor that.” Not the most complex bars ever or anything but one has to appreciate the bravado that is being put forth within those lines. Overall, this track is definitely worthy of a spin or two.

The video for “Paralyzed” plays on the creepy/chilling tones established in the instrumental. The vision was put together by Joey Dee and the Team Red Eye imprint. It is set against a dimly lit backdrop complete with blood spatter, dangerously sharp objects, haunting masks, and a few other eerie sights. B.U. is completely in his element and it radiates throughout his performance. And though one doesn’t immediately associate Hektik with being about the twisted life, he holds his own as well. He does receive a little coaching from his partner in crime though (lol). All in all, this is a cool visual representation of the cut.

**My Two Cents: B.U. and Hektik are easily becoming my favorite duo within the music scene. They once again brought their opposite sides together to create a winning formula. And I loved the concept of the video too. Horror like themes are right up my alley, lol. Be sure to check out the links at the start of the post for more with the fellas. And the Elements project can be streamed here. -MinM

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