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Eeva – Part Of The Plan (EP Review)

by Miracle

(Photos By Eeva)

“Didn’t I” (previous review)

Part Of The Plan (iTunes)

Remember international songstress Eeva? She made her site debut last November courtesy of her single “Didn’t I.” The review can be found above. Last month, the Serbian diva released her very first EP, Part Of The Plan via indie record label Bassivity Digital. The album consists of a total of nine tracks as well as fuses the genres of: Hip-Hop, R&B, and Soul. It was mentioned in her previous feature that her goal is to bring back some grace to the current world of Urban music, similar to the way it was in the 90’s also known as the Golden Era. She’s been doing a pretty good job of achieving her goal thus far. But does her EP move her a few steps forward or back in the name of her mission? Find out after the break.


The production here is of a four star quality. It was handled by Marvel with scratching from DJ Raid. It consists of: a light bass, polished expressive instrumentation, an upbeat tempo, and a free-spirited vibe. The hook is wonderful too. The vocals are flawless and the lyrics are refreshing. The verses are first-rate. Eeva doles out top notch harmonies and charming innovative lyrics. She gushes about her relationship with the special man in her life while at the same time incorporating nods to some of the legends of the R&B/Soul world by referencing their hits. She shows love to: Marvin Gaye, The Isley Brothers, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and a few others. A few lines of interest are: “There’s a ribbon in the sky like Stevie. I wanna love you inside out like Bee Gees. Cause you know ain’t nothing like the real thing baby. You’ve really got a hold on me, lately. (…) Oh you know we got something timeless. It won’t ever go out of style. In the world of these overproduced hits with samples and auto-tune. This here could be worthwhile.” Those words right there would make any listener wish for that type of romantic situation. Overall, this is an excellent single as well as a site favorite.

“Back Up Plan”

The production here is good. The hearty foundation, appealing background elements,  middling rhythm, and informal vibe work positively together. The hook is decent too. The vocals are prime and the lyrics are upfront. The verses are of a high quality. Eeva brings well blended vocals and straightforward lyrics. She openly addresses the issues that are plaguing her relationship in the hopes that her significant other will change his ways. A couple of lines worth checking out include: “How would you handle it if I treated you this way? Would you stay patient baby? I find it hard settling for being in second place. It’s not okay. You know I mean much more to you. Make me feel like I’m the only thing that’s on your mind. And I understand cause I’ve got hustle too. But you need to take a little time.” These words describe the age old battle of trying to spend an appropriate amount of time with your significant other while at the same time trying to keep up with other aspects of your life. A fight that everyone has been in before at some point. So it’s a situation that is easy to empathize with. In the end, this is another great record by Eeva.

“Put In Work”

The production here is ace. The rich infrastructure, groovy secondary components, contagious pace, and fresh vibe result in a winning mixture. The pre-hook & hook are on point as well. The vocals have a low magnetic tone to them. The lyrics are cheeky. The verses are gratifying. Eeva serves up sleek melodies and continues the brazen nature of the lyrics. She makes it crystal clear that she will not tolerate being the only one on her grind in a relationship. The man in her life must be about his paper too. She sings: “Now it ain’t like I’m being superficial with people. I just need a cutie that’s a mental equal. Ain’t gotta drive a flashy ride or rock plenty jewels to knock a girl like me off my feet boo. But I’m an independent, classy, fly chick. I work for mine and I do what I gotta do. And if I bust my ass with that 9-5. I expect that from you too. (…) Now I ain’t never been a gold-digger, don’t get it twisted. I’m just trying to figure out what the hell this is. If I’m gonna be the one you making your Mrs, you gotta step your game up and handle your business.” One has to love Eeva for telling it like it is with those words right there. All in all, this selection is a smash and ranks in as another site favorite.


**My Two Cents: Part Of The Plan is a splendid debut EP. Eeva certainly moved that much closer to her plan of bringing back some dignity to today’s brand of music. Her vocals were solid, her lyrics were commendable, and the themes of her songs were made very apparent. She also demonstrated a lot of flexibility. In the three songs highlighted in this review alone, she went from deliriously in love to taking no prisoners. One has to respect that kind of range. She linked up with some pretty valid producers too. The sound quality of the album was praise worthy. The EP locked me in as a fan of Eeva for sure. While I can’t guarantee that it will have the exact same impact on everyone else, it is highly recommended that readers go preview and or purchase Part Of The Plan on iTunes asap. -MinM

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