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Dex Amora – HerbsPenSoul (EP Review)

by Miracle

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HerbsPenSoul (listen/download)

Boston friend Shawn Patel (Producers United) sent a new artist the site’s way. The artist goes by the name of Dex Amora. Dex is putting on for Seattle, Washington and Minnesota. At the moment, he is promoting his sophomore offering, HerbsPenSoul. The lead single “Who I Be” set the bar high for the EP and it has been getting lots of positive acclaim. The seven track project is described as that of the Golden Era of Hip-Hop with a strong soulful jazzy essence. The content centers around Dex Amora’s life thoughts and experiences. Continue reading to see what songs grabbed The Illixer‘s attention.

“To Get Dwn (Intro)”

The production here is smooth. The subtle foundation, atmospheric background elements, easy going rhythm, and nonchalant vibe work charmingly together. The hook is good. The delivery is likeable and the lyrics are precise. The verses are slick. Dex Amora exhibits a marked flow, gratifying wordplay, and legitimate rhymes. He does an honorable job of establishing the tone of the EP as well as giving the listener a brief glimpse into himself. A couple of noteworthy lines are: “And I got nothing to lose. Cause bro I been broke. So I’m bout to bring it to you real on this tape. No mistakes. I’m saying how I feel. Cause in this day a closed mouth don’t get heard. I’m dropping knowledge every single time I say word.” Those bars right there provide a short, simple, and sweet description of what the album is all about. As a whole, this was a top notch way to kick things off.

“Sista @ Park”

The production here is on point. The full bass, rich groovy instrumentation, steady tempo, and breezy vibe make for a pleasant mixture. There is no hook utilized on this record. This works out fine though since the song spans just over a minute in length. The prolonged verse is of grade A quality. Dex Amora brings his distinct flow, pure wordplay, and telling rhymes. He relays a moment he shared in the park with a special lady to the listener. A highlight from the encounter includes: “I’m contemplating like what you got three jobs for? Well I got school and rent. And I got a daughter. She’s four. And when you taking care of ya teenage sis, it costs more. My moms died a year ago. Yeah I was lost for a minute. But I quickly got back in it. Cause in a situation like that a minute can diminish your existence. I got mouths to feed. No other family assistance.” That is one hell of a situation being painted by those bars. Dex concludes the record by saying he wrote the song for the woman as a testament to her strength and the inspiration she induced within him. Overall, this was a moving selection as well as the site favorite.

“Lady Mary Jane (Outro)”

The production here is appealing. The graceful infrastructure, featherweight musical components, casual pace, and light spirited vibe result in an exemplary blend. Once again, no hook was created for this cut. But it balances out as there is only one verse and then the remainder of the track is Dex Amora doing some speaking. The verse is quality. Dex serves up a befitting flow, smart wordplay, and creative rhymes. He does fantastic work putting personification to use via the description of his relationship with smoking. Peep it as he spits: “It’s amazing as I feel yo hands relief my stress. Take a hit. Best believe I believe I’m feeling blessed. Wish I could find a woman like you. That would be the best. Please take me out of this situation cause it’s a mess. (…) But I don’t care I’m too depressed. I’m feeling numb so I take a pull of the doobie. Cause it’s the only thing that’s allowing me to do me.” One has to respect the depth and innovation of those bars right there. In the end, this was a very fine way to conclude the EP.

**My Two Cents: Shawn Patel did it again. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to HerbsPenSoul by Dex Amora. He definitely has that old school sound about his material and the content was solid. The production was shipshape too. There could have a been a little more diversity in the beats though. But by and large, no sophomore jinx on this one. Readers should give it an ear for sure. Thanks to Mr. Patel for the referral. -MinM

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