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Eeva – “Didn’t I”

by Miracle

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“Didn’t I” (listen/download)

Eeva comes to the site all the way from Belgrade, Serbia. She is a Hip-Hop/R&B/Soul artist in her mid-twenties. She indulges in songwriting as well. She cites the 90’s as her muse and is specifically influenced by artists such as: Aaliyah (R.I.P), Brandy, Mary J. Blige, and countless others. Her goal is to blend the styles of the aforementioned genres into genuine appealing tunes similar to that of the golden era of music and restore the essence that is absent from the songs of today. And she’s doing an impressive job of carrying out her mission thus far. This year she became a semi-finalist in the Serbian version of talent based show Got Talent. There she got to introduce her first official single to the world “Back Door.” It’s a likeable mix of Pop/R&B that centers around a painful on and off again situation with a former significant other.

The success of the record motivated Eeva to drop her second single “Didn’t I” last month. It’s got a little more Hip-Hop flavor to it and is the track that the site selected to highlight. Both will be featured on her upcoming EP which will be released courtesy of Serbia based Hip-Hop label, Bassivity Digital. “Didn’t I” was produced by S-kicka. The production turned out righteous. The earthy foundation, trendy instrumentation, mid-tempo pace, and sassy vibe make for a blue ribbon combination. The hook is choice too. The delivery contains a stylish melodic tone to it. The lyrics are raw and infectious. The verses are fly. Eeva exhibits a fresh blend of rapping/singing with succinct quality lyrics. She boldly speaks her mind as she reflects on a relationship that didn’t quite work out. A few noteworthy lines are: “Sometimes we women can be so demanding. I been a drama queen I can’t change who I am. Yet I don’t think I did anything to deserve all that you did to me. And I’m not having this crazy amount of bulls–t that you hid from me. I was on the road for a show, you took the devil’s dance. And it was hard to let go, when I caught you red-handed. It hurt like a b—h but I gave it a chance. But then you got hooked on your little quick romances.” One has to respect the honesty in the beginning of that excerpt and sympathize with the rotten scenario at the end. Overall, this song is a gem.


**My Two Cents: I think Eeva is officially one of my new favorite artists. She’s captured the heart of the 90’s style while at the same time adding her own twist to the mix. I enjoyed both of her singles immensely and can totally see why she went so far in Got Talent. “Didn’t I” was a nice little record. The production is solid and the content is engaging. I was surprised by yet loved the fact that Ms. Eeva came with a bit of attitude. Always interesting to experience the different sides to an artist’s character. I can’t wait to hear more from the Serbian diva and look forward to the release of her EP. -MinM

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