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Drama F/ Tylamar – “Letter To A Queen” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

Psalms 151 cover(Photo By Trac-Qaeda Music Group)

Welcome New Jersey artist Drama to the site. He is a part of a collective called Trac-Qaeda Music Group. He has a style reminiscent of the Golden Era of Hip-Hop fused with his own modern day flavor. Inspired by the likes of the late Big Pun, he is praised for his original flow and strong lyrical abilities. His desire is to prove that artists who make real quality Hip-Hop music from the heart still do exist. Additionally, he hopes to bring some luster back to the tainted genre. Earlier this season, he released his debut album Psalms 151. The LP includes a song coined “Letter To A Queen” and his camp was kind enough to share both the single itself as well as it’s accompanying visuals with the site.
This makes for the third track to be released off of Drama’s album. The record is set to an old school style production with smooth musical details, a groovy tempo, and an easy going vibe. The hook is solid. Tylamar contributes likeable vocals and the lyrics are expressive. The verses are good. Drama exhibits a projected flow, open wordplay, and unfeigned rhymes. He does a model job of paying tribute to the women who stand by their men as they work to build and better themselves in order to improve their lives. Lines such as: “You know the type of vibe you feel when you mad at the world. And no one seems to really care except your number one girl. See I’m just hustling for us. Can’t give you diamonds and pearls. But I can promise every day to make your pretty toes curl. I mean it;” come off as very endearing. All in all, this effort is a hit.
This is the first set of visuals to be done for a song off of Psalms 151. The video was put together by Planetary P and stars model Tiana Rodriguez. “A day in the life of an artist …” serves as the beginning line for the flick. From there, the camera follows Drama to a radio station. The station happens to be debuting his song. In the midst of it all, he gets a text from his lady. Next, the viewer gets a glimpse of his significant other chilling at home by herself. The remainder of the piece shows Drama hard at work in the studio while his boo runs a couple of errands around the city. There are some basic solo shots of the rapper and Tylamar that are sprinkled in between the storyline. The project concludes with Tiana surprising Drama by stopping by the studio. The final scene shows the couple cutely indulging in a quick game of one on one. Overall, this was an optimistic vision.
**My Two Cents: I like Drama. He has a decent flow and his bars are pretty straight as well. This was a flattering single. As a female myself, I always appreciate when a rapper isn’t afraid to show a little love to the ladies. And any woman dating an artist definitely has a lot to put up with. The video was on point too. I think the concept carried out the theme of the selection flawlessly. Also, Drama and Tiana are simply adorable together. This was a great introduction to the Camden based talent. Looking forward to hearing more from him in the future. -MinM

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