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Delante Murphy Q&A (Life + Music =)

by Miracle


Delante Murphy is an A&R at Atlantic Records and the CEO of D2 Music Management. He’s had a hand in guiding the careers of successful mainstream personas such as Trey Songz and K. Michelle. He also has experience is negotiating: label deals, tours, publishing deals, sponsorships, and branding partnerships. Under his tutelage his clients have: been nominated for prestigious awards, sold millions of singles & albums, aligned themselves with major television networks like BET & VH1, and much more. The Life + Music = team crossed paths with the industry mogul and got him to share a few thoughts. Take a peek after the break.

Life + Music =: With years of experience in the music industry ,what is the most important thing you’ve learned? 

Delante Murphy: Talent is everything. Having the right talent makes your job that much easier. Also, work ethic is of the up-most importance on behalf of the talent and manager. If both are not willing to work hard more than likely it will be a waste of time. One must be passionate in this business. If your in this for fame and fortune the odds of you achieving is slim to none.

L+M=: Name three things every artist needs to become a global brand. 

DM: A) The ability to listen B) To have clear vision of direction C) The ability to recognize and act on an opportunity

L+M=: What are your thoughts on the path that Hip-Hop is going down?

DM: I think Hip-Hop is at a cross roads. It’s going back more independent. Because of this we are able to get a wide sea of view points. I am personally hoping it gets a little more conscience like the J Cole‘s and Kendrick Lamar‘s of the world.

L+M=: What album, artist or track would you past down to your kids?

DM: Good question and a hard one. Off top maybe the best of Marvin Gaye.

L+M=: What does Life + Music = to you? 

DM: A soundtrack to the world.

Life + Music = Delante Murphy


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