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Deau X. Boy – “G.I.F.T.E.D”

by Miracle

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“G.I.F.T.E.D” (preview)

Readers meet new Detroit (MI) talent, Deau X. Boy. He’s been in the game approximately four years. He got his start by gaining attention in the world of social media via his freestyle videos. From there, he started landing shows and making appearances at local events. He built up such a name for himself that he was granted access to studios where mainstream artists like Big Sean record. Additionally, he started his own event series called the “Red Cup Session.” This proved to be a successful venture for the young rapper as well, as his largest crowd topped out at 1,000 people. Not bad at all for an unsigned artist. He progressed to sharing the stage with Hip-Hop heavyweights such as Kendrick Lamar, Bun B, etc. He used these opportunities to soak up all of the knowledge and lessons that he could. He took a year off to apply his new found wisdom to his own career while working on his debut project, Boy Meets World. His vision for his music is for it to provide a representation of prosperity and hope for people who are in discouraging situations. He wants people to recognize their individual gifts and understand that with hard work / dedication they can use said gifts to better their lives.

A few days ago, Deau X. Boy set free the first single / video off of his upcoming project. The single has been named “G.I.F.T.E.D” and it was produced by Robin Banks & Doctuh Jay. The production here is decent. The sinister bass, dark additional musical ingredients, and median pace emanate a leaden vibe. The hook is valid too. The delivery is transparent and the lyrics are fetching. The verses are creditable. Deau X. Boy issues a hood flow, firm wordplay, and premier rhymes. He conveys the sentiment that he’s confident in his artistry and has no doubts that he will see the top spot in the game relatively soon. A couple of lines worth paying attention to are: “Man I’m like Barry with the Lions. And you barely hear me trying. If I ain’t working then I’m dying. Man these n—as having comfort issues. But what the f–k does slumber get you. I need Diddy cake. (…) Hov riches. It all comes together: fridge, sink, stove, kitchen.” Hot bars being aired out right there. Overall, this song is a smash. Be sure to have a look at the visuals below.

**My Two Cents: Deau X. Boy has a quality street style to him. I enjoyed his flow and he’s definitely got some bars up his sleeve. For such a young talent, he made a positive first impression. I believer readers would feel the same. Please take the time to check out the song & video for yourselves though. Those interested can get more involved with Deau X. Boy by visiting his website or Twitter. -MinM

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