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CRASHprez – “Thom Yorke is Black”

by Miracle

artworks-000077876296-612rxp-t500x500(Photo By Claire Huber)

Haven’t heard from CRASHprez (Catch Wreck) since the beginning of the year. So when he sent over his latest work produced by *Hitmayng decided it would be nice to share with readers. It’s been labeled “Thom Yorke is Black” and yes that is a reference to the leader of the long standing Rock group Radiohead. There are also references to the group’s catalog used here and there to serve as symbolism for the single’s concept. The production here is great. The climactic base, shadowy musical components, weighty rhythm, and gripping vibe result in an alluring blend. The hook is attention grabbing. The delivery is animated and the lyrics are unconventional. The verses are original. CRASHprez utilizes a vital flow, innovative wordplay, and priceless rhymes. With the incorporation of the aforementioned symbolism he makes it a point to denounce the stereotypical definition as well as the racial & artistic restrictions that have been put in place by society regarding the term genius. A handful of lines to be aware of are: “I am not these extra guys. And lets get something rectified. I’m a black star with an iron lung. I’ll leave you high and dry for not respecting mine. You can call the feds (…). You can strip me nude. I won’t testify. And I might be wrong when I sing this song. My falsetto got you petrified.” Those are some A-1 bars right there. As a whole, this is a high grade record. This track will appear on More Perfect. which is CRASHprez’s upcoming Summer release.
**My Two Cents: This was a little something different but dope. The concept was brilliant and admirably carried out. CRASHprez outdid himself here. The beat was no slouch either. *Hitmayng stepped up to the plate for sure. These two make a becoming pair and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do next. -MinM

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