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Cold Vision – “Porqueria” (Video)

by Miracle

a0303479537_10(Photo By Band Camp)

Cantaloupe & Rum (preview/purchase)

About a month ago, the fellas of Cold Vision (Higher Education Records) released a set of visuals for their single “Porqueria.” It’s featured on their current album Cantaloupe & Rum and it also made The Illixer‘s favorite list. Readers can check out the previously written album review here. See how the trendy urban number translates on the small screen after the break.

The video was done courtesy of Alcindor Productions. The video opens with a gorgeous view from the inside of a well kept set of living quarters. From there, Cold Medina is seen in a multitude of situations that overlap and play throughout the flick. He kicks it on the couch with his homie. He does some traveling/walking around which reveals he is in the beautiful state of Florida. Miami to be exact. There is also concert footage. Glimpses of him enjoying the picturesque scenery. And the list goes on. The standout portion of the piece takes place in an outdoor setting amongst a set of stairs. The screen is split into two sections. On the left side is a version of Medina in a casual get up. On the right side he is all cleaned up and dapper looking. There is a group of lovely ladies that surround him on each side as well. The vibe on the left seems to be all attitude while the vibe on the right is more so about love. It’s a very entertaining element. The visuals conclude with a live excerpt from the tail end of the aforementioned show clip. All in all, this was a first-class vision.

**My Two Cents: This was an awesome video. The setting was perfect and I liked the concept. It wasn’t anything too involved but it worked well for the nature of the record. Cold Medina brought a lot of personality to the mix too. I definitely think readers will have a good time watching it. So go ahead and hit that play button. -MinM

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