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Charles Joseph – “Mona Lisa”

by Miracle

Charles Joseph is the first new face coming to the site in 2019. He hails from Brooklyn, NY. He has been working hard to build a name for himself around NYC via giving buzz worthy performances and routine musical releases. Currently, he is looking to expand his reach and thus is pushing a single coined “Mona Lisa.” The track will appear on his upcoming EP.

The production here is low key. The subtle foundation, airy background elements, graceful tempo, and pensive vibe work nicely together. The hook is of a moderate quality. The delivery is crisp and the lyrics are pointed. The verses are revealing. Charles Joseph comes with a conversational style flow, smart wordplay, and transparent rhymes. He opens up to the listener on his thoughts pertaining to the sometimes ill nature of people, his own personal dealings, and more. An excerpt from his reflections includes: “We make our bed. We make our own decisions. People using words. Don’t know the definition. There’s always two sides. I strive to know the difference. From those who don’t, I try to keep my distance. Question what you’re taught up in these schools of thought. We’re forever at the mercy at what can’t be bought.” Those are some weighted opening lines right there. All in all, this is a proper showing from Mr. Joseph.

**My Two Cents: I like Charles Joseph as well as this track. He has a style that holds one’s attention without being too over the top. Additionally, his way with words is sleek. There is a hint of intellect in there but it’s not overly complex to the point of losing the listener. In the press release Charles Joseph mentions that the instrumental gave him gallery/museum like vibes which is reflected in the title and hook. I think that is a very fitting description. Readers should join us on this artistic journey and click the play button pronto. -MinM

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