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Cardiac Da Pulse F/ Tr3y & Class M – “I’m On That”

by Miracle

“I’m On That” (Stream Here)

414 talent Cardiac Da Pulse isn’t one to over saturate the people with his music but when he does drop tunes, one can pretty much bet that it’s going to be something to remember. Cue one of his latest offerings “I’m On That” as a prime example. The record features a couple of his favorite go to collaborators: Tr3y and Class M. The trio take on an Art The Beat production for a vivid club style anthem.

The production here is clean. The plush foundation, charming instrumentation, middling rhythm, and suave vibe make for a top notch pairing. The hook is adequate. The vocals and delivery are easy to follow. The lyrics are memorable. The verses are commendable. Cardiac Da Pulse sets forth a self-assured flow, entertaining wordplay, and mature rhymes. He gives the listener a glimpse of his role as a ladies’ man. He shares scenarios like: “She be talking like she ain’t with it. But I know she bout to come get it. She been feening for this all day. That pussy on a platter like an entree. Feathers by my bed. You like my feng-shui. I’m going yo direction like a one way.” One can’t help but to be seduced by the player like energy being put forth by those lines right there. All in all, this is a groovy little offering by Cardiac and his crew.

**My Two Cents: I really dig this track. Art The Beat is turning out to be real nice behind the boards. And the instrumental works well for the fellas. It compliments their naturally more subtle styles. Plus, one can never go wrong with a solid female friendly track. Readers should certainly give this an ear when they have a minute. – MinM

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