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Sonick – “Baggin”

by Miracle
“Baggin” (iTunes)

Site affiliate Sonick decided to hit the ground running for 2019. He’s got a two disc project in the works and unleashed a single from disc one of the collective to get his supporters right for the start of the new year. The song is simply labeled “Baggin.”

The production here is fitting. The consistent foundation, aerial style musical components, moderate tempo, and balanced vibe blend favorably together. The hook is lasting. The delivery is brisk and the lyrics are easy to memorize. The verses are polished. Sonick steps up to the plate with an energy driven flow, crafty wordplay, and lively rhymes. He plays no games when it comes to chasing his coin. This is made evident in lines like: “In my city we get reckless. Don’t give a f–k what you repping. Call me Martin. If you disrespect my house, get to stepping. If you think of coming back, bring the stretcher and the reverend. You gone need it. Got my blood with me, thinking you anemic.” There is no denying that those are some tough bars right there. And there is some impressive reference work within this part of the record as well. All in all, this is a clutch lead single.

**My Two Cents: This is an awesome kick off for Sonick for the new year. This track could easily hold it’s own with the current trend of popular music. Sonick really shows out with his pen game and energy. I would’ve liked a little more from the production side of things but otherwise no complaints. I got a sneak peek of another track from the pending EP too. This upcoming project from the 414 emcee is going to be lit. I suggest readers get on board asap so that they don’t miss out. -MinM

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