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Cezar – “S.W.A.S”

by Miracle

SWAS(Photo By Cezar)

“S.W.A.S” (listen/download)

Cezar and Marxmill (Blaqlizt Music Entertainment) shook the 414 music scene up a bit when they released their debut collaboration “Road 2 Riches.” The song became such a hit that it spawned a movement for Cezar and encouraged the two to reunite in the name of creating another chart topper. And of course they handed the finished product over to their favorite local urban entertainment website for the exclusive. So thought it would be a nice gift for the readers as 2013 comes to a close. Check out the run down on”S.W.A.S” after the break.

The production here is cavalier. The featherweight bass, subtle yet rugged musical elements, centralized rhythm, and staid vibe work appetizingly together. The hook is a marvel too. The delivery is pliable and the lyrics have all the makings of a hot new catch phrase. The verses are creditable. Cezar elicits an alternating flow, gruff wordplay, and mint rhymes. He represents the true incarnation of an individual with surviving and hustling in his blood. Take notice as he spits: “Okay I woke up, it’s morning. Money all on my mind my n—a. I’m up and I’m yawning. Dollar signs in my eyes my n—a. I’m purped up and I’m zoning. B—h don’t blow my high my n—a. I used to think I was no one. Now they recognize my grind my n—a. Hold up. I don’t f–k with no police. I don’t f–k with no broke n—as or broke b—hes that ain’t me.” Those bars provide a warranted inception that ties right into the theme of the track. Overall, this selection fits in perfectly with Cezar’s steadily growing collection of bangers.

**My Two Cents: Cezar has had a serious Midas touch going on lately. This song was slick. I respect the fact that he continues to push his flow in different directions and of course the content was salient. Marxmill lived up to his preeminent way with beats as well. Cezar is definitely an artist that everyone needs to watch closely in 2014. He’s finally starting to come into his own in this music game and I know he’s going to take full advantage. -MinM

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