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Cezar – Roman Roulette (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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Roman Roulette

Brandon Bishop aka Cezar is a local Milwaukee up-and-coming rapper. Working as an independent artist, he is looking to get Milwaukee an official long term place on the Hip-Hop map. Also, he is looking to change the game by introducing new and innovative sounds. Both will be a challenge but he is up to the task. In the end, Cezar just wants to help keep Hip-Hop alive and push good music. Currently, he is pushing a mixtape called Roman Roulette. The project includes about ten tracks total and features a wide range of producers like Vz The Kid and Scorp Beatz.

“In My Zone”

This track was produced by the earlier mentioned Scorp Beatz. The production here is top of the line. It entails a low bass, some light tunes, and an easy going vibe. The hook is fair. Cezar has a clear energetic delivery and quality lyrics. The verses are on point. Cezar has an interesting flow and well put together rhymes. He does an enticing job of relaying his various activities to the listener, making himself seem like a very cool cat to hang out with. Some notable lines include: “All up in the club, I’m faded. Wake up like how I make it. Vodka with strips of bacon. This is the life I live. Stack bread until they take me. Paper and marijuana, strippers from Southern Florida. And we say f–k the drama but still I cuff my Llama.”  There is a strong sense of Cezar’s swag in those lines. Overall, this track is a banger. It’s perfect for sitting back and vibing out.

“Bare Material” (Mafia Music Remix)

This track is a spin on the Rick Ross hit “Mafia Music.” So the production is the same as the original. There is no hook present, Cezar just spits straight through. Which takes skill to do successfully but he pulls it off. He has a passionate flow, sharp wordplay, and splendid honest rhymes. He “bares” his soul on everything from his personal feelings towards life to his feelings on the new breed of rappers in the industry. He unleashes: “I got a feeling n—a really, that my mind be the root. Supplier of the fire to ignite all the truth. Dripping out my head, it just puddle in the boot. Treat these bars like food and I give ’em to the youth. The hunger task force, n—a I could feed the city. Or make a couple mill and live lavish like Diddy.” Deep and raw lines right there, great way to show the two different types of rappers that exist. Those in it for the music and those in it for the money. In the end, this remix is a winner and an album favorite. Cezar went in from start to finish.


This track is produced by Storm Watkins. The production is fire. It contains a quiet tone, a slow tempo pace, and an intense vibe. The hook is solid. It features a small sample from the Kanye West cut “So Appalled.” Cezar has a smooth delivery and the execution of the hook is quite catchy. The verses are choice. Cezar has an almost angry tone to his crisp flow. Also, he comes with edgy wordplay and up to standard rhymes. He does a compelling job of spitting about situations that he thinks are absurd. All in all, this song is a hit and another favorite off of the tape.

**My Two Cents: This gives readers a sample of what Cezar brings to the table. Roman Roulette as a whole is a fresh project. The production is high grade and Cezar makes an impressive contribution. The tape is more for street Hip-Hop heads but there are a few tracks that would appeal to any listener. If Cezar can expand on his rhyming skills and keep his music sounding original,  he may very well accomplish all of his goals. He definitely has something going for him. Check out Roman Roulette at the provided link and hear for yourselves though. -MinM

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